Published By: Sougata Dutta

Understanding Credit Scores And Building Good Credit

Know about bad credit and good credit scores when seeking loans for businesses or any personal need when borrowing from financial institutions

With the increase in requirements such as houses, furniture, or any other products that are related to finance there is a rise in loans. People seek loans for education, buying products, or businesses. In all cases, whenever the loan is taken it is essential to maintain a good credit score. Based on the credit scores, any individual can seek further financial support.

Factors that are responsible for credit scores

The credit scores are acquired based on the performance of financial reliability. After lending money from financial institutions they rate the performance based on the credit scores. It enables them to find the risk of lending money in the present as well as in the future.

Payment History

The credit score can be affected based on the payments. Any delay or drop can lead to hampering pointing to a bad credit score. A good credit score is provided when there are timely payments of credit cards and other loans. The timely payments as recorded in the history describe the credit score.

Credit Utilisation

When a good credit score is recorded it can be used later while lending further money. Maintaining a low credit utilisation ratio to or below 30 % is the best for good credit. Borrowers should always look to maintain credit utilisation as it adds benefits to maintaining a good credit score.

Credit history and its duration

Good credit or bad credit score can also be determined by the duration of payment and the length of the credit period. The longer the credit is carried out or exceeding the specific period can lead to affecting the credit score. So, paying before or within the period is best for maintaining the credit score.

Required when new credit inquiries

Do not apply for multiple credit accounts. It is not helpful, while on return it leads to hampering the credit score if applied randomly or within a shorter period. The credit score can lower, temporarily which can also reduce the chances of borrowing loan amounts in the future.

Apart from all this, the different loans on credit cards, instalment loans, and retail accounts are also responsible for determining the bad or good credit score. It is known as the credit mix that is acquired from different credit accounts.