Published By: Sougata Dutta

The Power of Mindfulness: How to Cultivate Present Moment Awareness

Foster a deep connection with the world around you with the help of mindfulness.

With the increasingly busy schedule life has been stressed and overshadowed by the presence of the internet. In travelling or the workplace, some distractions can reduce the focus or concentration of a person. So, with time the requirement of mindfulness has been introduced with its quality and importance in life.

Cultivating mindfulness is necessary to increase productivity and maintain mental health. In relationships or at the workplace, the practice of mindfulness can help to progress within less time.

Ways to cultivate present moment mindfulness

There are many ways to cultivate present-moment awareness. The power of mindfulness should be practised to overcome the problems of over thinking and being less productive.

Embracing the present moment with mindful breathing

Before beginning a work or project always take a deep breath, mindful with intention inhaling and exhaling.


Repeat it 2 to 3 times before beginning to think or plan the strategies for the projects.  It will help to engage the senses to develop attention and remove unwanted thoughts from the mind.

Slow down with single task

It is useless to be puzzled or confused surrounded by two to three tasks trying to do at a time. For completing work faster and productively at the same time it is essential to complete a single task at a time. The work will be productive, enhancing less pressure and anxiety.

Develop mindful listening and communication

Without the habit of mindful listening and communication, a person can't concentrate and complete any work. The wandering mind remains confused and overstressed finding out the ways and reasons. So, with the practice of mindful listening and communication, life becomes easier to develop the habit of finding solutions.

Create mindful reminders

Practice having a list, it can be a diary or reminder on your smart-phone that can remind you of the task that is left or required can be done immediately. It helps to do the work on time and reduces the chances of forgetting or being confused about upcoming tasks.


Cultivating the present moment awareness is a regular practice that can be improvised with patience and consistency. Over time with dedication and abilities, people can experience the benefits. Enabling to keep away the stress and anxiety of the mind.