Published By: Ahvana Paul

The iconic comeback of a superstar- Why SRK remains unforgettable

It is safe to say that the year, 2023 was the year of the legendary Shahrukh Khan!  Not only did he make a huge comeback, by making as many as three films, Jawan (directed by Atlee Kumar), Pathaan (directed by Siddharth Anand)   and Dunki (directed by Rajkumar Hirani) , but all of them became massive superhits, breaking all records, causing housefull after housefull and creating a huge sensation and excitement amongst all his fans! India’s biggest actor after a long dry spell, was back. Here are some reasons why Shahrukh Khan will always remain unforgettable for India!  

His charm and personality

It is a fact universally acknowledged that people who have grown up watching SRK movies, have learned a little bit of romance from him! Shahrukh Khan has an amazing charming personality, that is depicted in all his films!  The smile, the twinkling eyes and the stretching of arms are probably a scenes which you have seen in many films, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Kal Ho Na Ho, Om Shanti Om to name a few!

His wit

Another thing that makes Shahrukh Khan so appealing is his ability to be witty, and his comic timing sometimes. In his films, the way he delivers some witty and sarcastic dialogues can make you gag and giggle. Other times, when he is not even acting, but in interviews, such as his recent interview with David Letterman ( on Netflix), or his Koffee with Karan show,  his  witty side truly comes out which is delightful, and makes you realize that he is also a nice person to interact with. Combine that with his charm- how could one forget him?

Versatility on point

One of the reasons that he has been appealing to all Indians, is owing to his versatility, as an actor. He has played characters of different regions, different personal faiths, and different personalities. This is his biggest achievement! He has thus been able to appeal to Indians, as all Indians have found something of themselves in him! He has captured the imagination of everyone, and therefore also been an inspiration through his films to everyone around. He has taught us about love, but also the diversity of India and without a problem, has taken on their characters. Only when you can do this, you can appeal to a country as big as India! In some films, he has played a member of a middle-class family, in others an elite; sometimes both in the same film! At other times, he has played as people belonging to different faiths. Sometimes, as espionage, other times as gangster, some as a simple village boy, and sometimes even as a character of a disabled person-which he plays brilliantly! He has captured the imagination of India with his wide range of roles.

Dancing skills Uff!

 One more thing which has made him legendary and memorable would have to be his dancing skills. All Bollywood films, typically have a party scene, and he is absolutely electric in these scenes. His flexibility and movements, while also maintaining his expressions and charm make these scenes more classic!  That is therefore an extremely important part of what makes him a good actor!

The smile

Adding to his charm and personality, there is one more thing which is extremely memorable about Shahrukh Khan, that is his smile! He in fact has a dimple, which makes his smile even more charming. When he flashes it, it is truly special!