Published By: Puja Sinha

The Bella Hadid Fashion Trends Netizens Are Drooling At

The cultural supremacy of Bella Hadid is a whole new world of aesthetics, one that captures the quintessence of the noughties like nothing else!

Bella Hadid is a reassuring face on major runways, showcasing designs from top fashion houses such as Chanel, Versace, Dior, and Alexander Wang. Her style statement has a major imprint on trends, vision, and fashion enthusiasts across the globe. Her association with high-profile campaigns for brands like Calvin Klein, Bulgari, and Michael Kors enhances her visibility and speaks volume of her indisputable legacy in fashion industry. Even her contemporaries do not hesitate from seeking inspiration from her. Ethically, Bella may have been all about “dress for yourself” but her followers are going gaga about dressing like her. Known for a blend of high fashion and edgy street style, Bella is a name known across the different social strata and how.

Chunks and Traces of Hadid’s Fashion

Bella's street style is widely followed and emulated. Be it her Cannes look or runway style, her fashion has managed to create some viral moments. She often mixes luxury pieces with accessible fashion, creating looks that are aspirational and achievable. Her ability to set trends in everyday fashion is evident in how quickly her outfits are replicated by fashion aficionados and influencers.

Heels and Socks!

Her look, characterized by her striking features and unique style, has set a new standard of beauty that blends classic elegance with modern edge. This explains the raging popularity of the courtroom-drama-styled high heels with knee-high socks. A curious combination of athleisure and chic blended with downtown party-girl vibes was immediately met with widescale critical appreciation and soon was the talk of the town!

 The Whimsigoth Aesthetics of Denim Skirts

Bella’s mid-length denim skirts was a noteworthy comeback of the street style fashion, featuring denims as the cornerstone of her street style. This ubiquitousness was later picked up by Emily Ratajowski and Hailey Bieber. Denim skirts were gracefully paired to bring about the vintage and retro in daily fashion and Bella’s vision in it paramount.

The Timeless Parachute Pants

Bella has a knack for flaunting parachute pants from popular streetwear brands and often collaborates with these brands. Fashionistas were keen on picking up this trend for its ever-so-effortless edgy and grunge look. Paired with band tees, leather jackets, oversized hoodies, combat boots or chunky sneakers, layered necklaces for the Bella touch, are now a major vibe where one cannot go wrong!

Platform UGG Boots

In the resurgence of UGG boots, Bella’s role has been inspiring, a moment of extreme gusto. Platform UGG boots are particularly popular in Bella’s winter and fall outfits. She pairs them with puffer jackets and cosy scarves, creating warm and fashionable ensembles ideal for colder weather. Ever since, we have seen how the UGG boots with black leggings, high-waisted jeans, skinny jeans and knit sweaters became a common sight in the streets. In fact, her trendsetting ways have helped bring platform UGGs into the spotlight, encouraging UGG to explore more fashionable and diverse styles.

 Sports Jackets, Pinnacle of Athleisure Fashion

Sports jackets are a mainstay in Bella’s life—a wardrobe essential that extends beyond the limited confinements of her public appearances. With her, it is a mix and match of high-low fashion ingredients: sports jackets with a designer handbag or luxury sunglasses. Sports jackets with other athleisure pieces, such as leggings, sports bras, and sneakers, is a comfy combination that creates a look perfect for casual outings or running errands. Many have come close to calling it the 'Pilates princess aesthetics'. When paired with something more modern, the sports jackets emanate a timeless appeal.