Published By: Puja Sinha

The Art of Maintaining Old Friendships in your 30s

The dynamic between friends tends to change in the 30s, which explains the extra efforts to let old friendships thrive and grow

What really affects friendships in the late 20’s or early 30s? It is a phase of enormous transitions and metamorphoses that could cause chinks even in the most committed and oldest bonds. Since nobody prepares you for this shift, knowing beforehand the pitfalls of such a whirlwind of a change could prevent some of your friends but fading into oblivion, to being just a contact on phone.  Reconnecting or even bonding, however, needs not to be a boring ritual, a task you would commit to for the old times’ sake. It is an art to be in each other’s lives and it has to be performed whole-heartedly.

Why Old Friendships are Important?

What people tend to take for granted should actually be cherished and held onto. These enduring connections foster a deep sense of emotional security and trust, creating a supportive environment where individuals can share their experiences and challenges without fear of judgment. This emotional support eases stress and anxiety. In an increasingly isolated, consumerist and capitalist society, old friendships offer a sense of belongingness- an antidote to loneliness and isolation, which are significant risk factors for various health issues. The shared history and mutual understanding in long-term friendships create a stable foundation for personal growth and resilience, enriching life in countless ways.

Acknowledge and Appreciate Them for Who They Are!

An underrated task, acknowledgement goes a long way in repairing the fissures that old bonds develop while sustaining the ravages of time. Freeing yourself to connect and appreciate your pals is crucial in an age when everybody is so tied to the grind. Even a small heart-to-heart conversation can prevent the friendship from seeming like a forgotten chapter; an irrelevance or inconvenience in your present life. This also makes the other person feel remembered, a precious feeling really in the age of digitalisation and instant gratification.

Hang Out in your Old Haunts

All friendships have an origin: a memorable place to start with. It could also be a couple of old spots where you once chatted and goofed around for hours. Visiting these spaces is crucial to ensure that you are still deeply connected to your friends and true to the core memories you have once created. Better than any fancy cafes or shopping malls, these places could truly spark off the old fire and let you people be your authentic, truest self.

Initiate Video Calls

Leveraging technology to its very best, schedule video calls whenever you guys have some free time to exchange trivia, important life details, gossip, or even share heartbreaks or achievements instead of meeting once in a blue moon and info-dumping them! Often when meetings take place after such long intervals, they become awkward and silent. At least it takes some time for one or more people to open up in full candour. Video calls preserve the strength and authenticity of this bond. It lends a sense of continuity to it.

Send Some Gifts!

Gifts need not be expensive items. Something special and endearing, such as a self-cooked dish, a hand-written letter, or even a knitted scarf, has the potential to spark immense joy and happiness. Gifts become a reminder of the happy times you guys have shared in the past and an assurance of happier times that await in the future. These little things are constant reminders of their presence in your busy life. It is a gesture that affirms that certain bonds could transcend almost any barrier and absurdities if one is willing to!