Published By: Sohini

Summer essentials for the babies

Have a look at a few essentials to keep your baby comfortable and cool this summer.

Keeping your baby cool during summer is quite hard work and a headache too. Whilst the thermometer is rising, there are a few different things that can help you keep your little baby cool all day long.

Lightweight fitted swaddle

Use of a lightweight swaddle between 0.2-0.5 tog is best for day naps and even for overnight in a warm house. The purple swaddle-to-sleep bag is one of the best ones you can have as it is quite light and the mesh panels for breathability can be used as a swaddle or as a sleeping bag for newborns till 4 months of age. Apart from these, you can also go for an Embe saddle that enables you to leave your baby’s legs out and help them keep cooler the whole night.

Crane Rechargeable Desk Fan

This super-compact fan can be taken anywhere and it's rechargeable as well. It is quite user-friendly for a newborn as you can take it while traveling from one place to another and would be helpful to make them fall asleep easily in your room, the lounge or even in the car. If you charge it fully then it can run for at least 13 hours a day.

Use muslin

One of the coolest fabrics used for summer which is highly breathable and lightweight. This can be used for making a great DIY swaddle for babies to survive extreme hot weather. These are also great ones for shading a baby when out in the sun. The little unicorn muslin swaddle is best as it is super soft and comes in gorgeous patterns, perfect for this summer.

Gro Egg Room Thermometer

As we all know that room temperature is vital in terms of creating a safe sleeping environment for a baby and it should be maintained at 16-20 C to reduce the risk of cot death. There are few babies who are prone to the risk of SIDS, therefore getting a room thermometer would help you to create a safe sleep environment for your baby.

Summer PJs

Keeping your babies in Pj’s is quite helpful and comfortable in summer made up of natural fibers such as merino or cotton are best for their breathability feature and also help to wick moisture away from the skin of your baby.

These are a few summer essentials for newborns and babies older than that to keep them cool and comfortable inside and outside the house.