Published By: Satavisha

Six Things You Should Try To Excite Your Child For Their First Day Of Kindergarten: Make School-Learning Fun For Your Little One!

It's time to churn the anxiety and pressure out of your toddler’s first day of kindergarten with these exciting ideas!

Whether it is your little one’s first day at school or are starting a new academic year—the transition from staying at home to going back to school can be a little stressful for children and parents alike. The sudden shift in routine—from spending time at home to adjusting to a new environment can make toddlers inattentive and whiny in their early school days.

It will inevitably impact their learning ability. Therefore, your child must be prepared for their first day of kindergarten. If you want your little one to enjoy school from the first day, you should focus on making them excited about school learning. Here are six things you can try to excite your toddler for their first day of school.

Arrange playdates with other kids who have enrolled in the same school.

Arrange playdates with other kids who will be starting classes with your little one in the same school ahead of their first day of kindergarten. When your child comes across familiar faces at school, with whom they have already established a bond of friendship, they will likely not feel nervous or alone on their first day of kindergarten.

Take your child for a school or classroom visit ahead of their first day.

A week or two before your child begins classes at kindergarten, ask the school authorities if they permit school tours for newcomers. If the school doesn’t have such provisions, you can either walk your kid through the playground or drive past the school building. It will excite your toddler to kickstart their learning journey in a new place.

Read stories about starting school.

Read stories that have relatable characters, with whom your little one can associate—those who will be attending kindergarten for the first time—are helpful for easing first-day jitters and boosting their confidence. While reading, you can pause for a moment to ask your kid what they are thinking or how they are feeling about the year ahead.

Familiarise your child with the school routine.

Tell your child about the other kids that they will meet in school, the games they will play together, and the other classroom activities they will be engaged in. Help your little one visualise a vibrant classroom with many props and toys, and you will pick them up every day after school. This simple conversation will put your child at ease and will be excited to attend school.

Take your child to shop for school supplies.

Visit the book mart with your kid to shop for all the listed school supplies such as a lunch box, water bottle, geometry box, a cool school bag, and new books that they will be reading this session. This simple activity will excite your child to start a new learning journey.

Introduce roleplay

To make your toddler comfortable with the new routine that will involve leaving the comfort of their home to attend school, you can try roleplay. Act like your child’s favourite stuffed toy is on its way to school and explain to them why it is necessary and that they don’t need to worry or be sad as it will return home by noon.

As a parent, you need to be positive about school. Your energy and excitement will spill onto your little one.