Published By: Satavisha

Six Excellent Tea Options for Afternoon: Tea Varieties That Are Perfect For Sipping At Midday With Your Guests

Let us delve into an exciting mid-day tea exploration journey—ranging from unconventional mixes to traditional favourites—that can satisfy even the fussiest tea connoisseur..

Afternoon tea is a revered custom that offers a soothing respite from the daily grind. Apart from picking an ideal location and delicious accompaniments, it is vital to choose the right variant of tea, to make the most out of your afternoon tea experience. We have mentioned six excellent choices of tea for your afternoon refreshment, introducing you to new levels of refinement and flavour.

Darjeeling Black Tea

Darjeeling Tea is popularly referred to as "Champagne of Teas," due to its mild floral taste and exquisite muscatel flavour. Owing to the demanding harvesting conditions, tea plantation is not easy in Darjeeling. Regardless, the finest, premium-quality tea leaves are harvested in the lofty mountains of the Himalayan region. The first and second flush are two excellent options for your mid-day ritual. Don’t forget to pair it with some cucumber sandwiches.

Peppermint Tea

A cup of peppermint tea will refresh you instantly. This tea variety is widely acclaimed for its cooling sensation and minty aroma—making it the best after-lunch digestive beverage. Peppermint tea promotes easy digestion and can be paired with chocolate desserts and cucumber sandwiches.

Oolong Tea

If you cannot choose between green and black teaopt for this traditional Chinese beverage. Oolong tea is considered the perfect choice of tea for the afternoon because it fine-tunes mental alertness while promoting a calming effect.

In addition, Oolong tea can aid weight loss and can be the best choice of tea for those who wish to shed some kilos. It accelerates metabolism and improves the body’s fat and calorie-burning capacity.

Rooibos Tea

Commonly known as red tea, rooibos is native to South Africa and is rich in polyphenols (an antioxidant)—excellent at combating stress. Consumption of rooibos tea every day can diminish the chances of heart ailments and cancer and offer protection against chronic inflammation. Rooibos tea’s caffeine content is very low and its mild flavour makes it a fantastic choice for those who want to de-stress at noon after a hectic morning.

Matcha Green Tea

Let’s say you had an exhausting morning at workand it is middayyou urgently need refuelling—without thinking too much, grab a cup of matcha green tea. In Japanese tea ceremonies, this tea variant is everyone’s go-to choice. It is a fine powder that adds a high proportion of antioxidants — which can help our bodies counterbalance free radicals induced by stress. Matcha green tea further promotes improved metabolism, and its easily absorbable fibre is beneficial for health.

Assam Black Tea

Assam black tea is widely celebrated for its full-bodied flavour and malty, robust aroma. Among tea connoisseurs, Assam tea has a revered fan base, especially for those who enjoy afternoon tea. With or without milk, it tastes fantasticand if you have a fondness for strong black midday tea, this should be your first pick. Pair it with scones, a cheese sandwich, or some sweets.

Tea promotes good health and is backed by scientific evidence that savouring a cup of refreshing brew can help reap numerous benefits. However, it is essential to make the right choice at the right time to elevate your afternoon tea-sipping experience.