Published By: Satavisha

Six Aesthetic Grid Layouts Every Instagram User Should Try To Elevate The Visual Appeal of Their Feed

Think of your Instagram feed as a magazine. People visit your feed, check out your layout, and if it looks visually appealing, they will want to follow you. But how can you impress your followers? Well, by following a specific Instagram grid layout, you can achieve the goal.

You may have mastered the art of using filters and flatlays, but you must remember that the visual appeal and aesthetic of your entire gallery play a critical role than individual posts; it is what adds a unique character to your profile. Have you considered adding a specific structure to maintain consistency? Check out six cool grid layouts that you may apply to your Instagram feed to make it seem structured and beautiful!

Checkerboard Grid Layout

The checkerboard grid layout is the most popular theme, and it calls for uploading a photo, followed by a quote, and then another photo, and a quote again. This alternating theme is one of the simplest ways of creating a consistent and structured Instagram feed.

This pattern will also enable your followers to know what they should be expecting on your feed next. If you have uploaded a photo, they will be waiting for an inspirational quote after. You don’t necessarily have to share a quote, you can also share the title of your new blog post title, an icon, an emoji, or even an illustration.

Horizontal Line Grid Layout

This Instagram grid layout is hands-down one of the best. However, it might sometimes annoy your followers. To create a horizontal line grid, narrate a single story in three successive posts in a row. Ideally, your posts from left to right should be related to each otherto establish a consistent story and aesthetic. The posts don’t always have to follow the same subjectit could be the same mood or location.

Vertical Line Grid Layout

To create a vertical line grid layout, it is mandatory to follow a strict structured pattern of posting. If you see a row of quotes or words, running down someone’s feed vertically, you can assume they are following the vertical grid layout.

This smart theme entices new followers to keep scrolling down the feed. While curiosity will keep some people hooked, others will enjoy your dedication and creativity. This look can be achieved by picking three styles of images and uploading them consecutively.

The Rainbow Grid Layout

This grid layout is pretty cool. Typically, in the rainbow feed, the colour of the feed alters as you scroll. It demands more planning and effort than the other types of grid layouts. If you can achieve this look, your feed will surely stand out, appearing like a rainbow. Use different hues in your photos after every 6 or 9 photos to create the best effect.

White Borders Grid Layout

The ultimate grid layout for perfectioniststhis grid layout adds white borders to exude a soothing and subtle visual appeal. By embracing white borders, you can create a simple and consistent look for all the images.

The Tonal Feed Layout

Are you fond of a specific colour scheme or filter? If yes, make that vibe your feed’s signature style or aesthetic and maintain it throughout your Instagram grid layout. For instance, if you like earthy tones, make sure all your photos have a consistent colour palette that depicts certain warm tones to highlight your vibe.

The grid layout of your Instagram feed can help showcase your vibe to your followers at a glance. If you haven’t yet planned how you want your rows of squares to look, do it now. These attention-grabbing layouts will not only enhance the visual appeal of your feed but also help garner more followers.