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Sip-sized joy: 7 quick fun facts about coffee!

Coffee addicts’ of the world, unite. You have nothing to lose but your sleep!

For those who jumpstart their day with a piping hot cup of coffee, there's more to celebrate about the brew than just a caffeine kick. Believe it or not, this daily jolt isn't just a harmless indulgence—scientists reckon it's a health tonic! Beyond the morning buzz, your coffee might be playing guardian angel, shielding you from the clutches of type 2 diabetes, liver issues, and even heart troubles. And if you thought that was the end of the story, here's a dash of masala for you—some fascinating tidbits about our beloved brew! 

A goat herder found coffee first!

The story begins with a clever goat herder in 16th-century Ethiopia. Spotting his goats feasting on coffee cherries, he witnessed a surge in their energy levels, transforming them into insomniac night owls. Eager to share his discovery, he actually spilled the beans to local monks! When these monks brewed their own magical coffee potion, they found themselves wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, leading to late-night prayer sessions. The buzz about this energising elixir soon travelled through the grapevine, reaching every nook and cranny of the civilised world, including our chai-loving India!

Coffee sponsored the journey of Brazilian athletes to the Olympics!

In a unique twist, Brazil faced financial hurdles for the 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles. Strapped for funds, the government ingeniously dispatched its athletes on a ship loaded with coffee. As the aromatic cargo was sold en route, the proceeds served as a caffeinated lifeline, financing the Brazilian team's journey to the sporting extravaganza.

Coffee overdose is real!

Did you know that you can actually overdose on coffee? Scary, right? But wait, don't just start panicking now! Overdosing with coffee takes a staggering 30 cups in a very short span to approach a potentially lethal dose of caffeine. So, now that you know it, don't try this at home!

Coffee might add some extra years to your life

Moderate coffee consumption, around three to four cups per day, has been linked to a longer lifespan and a lowered risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and Parkinson's, as highlighted by research from Harvard Health Publishing. Another reason to savour that cup of coffee!

Breakups over coffee are a thing!

So ladies, how far would you go for your morning cup of Joey? In ancient Arab culture (and apparently still a thing in Saudi Arabia), a woman could supposedly have legal 'grounds' for divorce if her husband forgot to deliver that fresh cup of morning coffee! Hope all the wifey-loving husbands are reading this!

Beethoven was a real coffee fanatic! 

The legendary music maestro Beethoven was not just a genius in music but also a dedicated coffee enthusiast. His coffee passion went to the extent of counting precisely 60 beans per cup before crafting his brew!

Not you; Finland loves coffee most! 

No matter how hard you try, you can't outdo a Finnish coffee aficionado! Finland claims the crown for the highest coffee consumption globally. On average, they savour a whopping 12kg per person per year, translating to an impressive 1,680 cups for each person annually! Now, that's a coffee fact worth raising a cup to! 

We hope you relished today's article with a piping hot cup of coffee (or was it chai?) in your favourite mug! Stay connected with us for more captivating stories, continuing the coffee chat tradition!