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Say cheese! Explore these must-try French cheeses!

Welcome to the world of French cheeses, where each bite is a journey of flavour and élégance!

For cheese lovers, stumbling upon the world of French cheese is like finding a hidden treasure. In France, cheese is more than a snack—it's a cultural cornerstone with a rich history spanning thousands of years. The country's strict food laws mean that the quality of cheese is top-notch. Many French cheeses are protected by regulations that dictate exactly where and how they’re made, ensuring each bite is authentic. Ready to dive into the delicious world of French cheese Let's explore some must-try varieties!

Pont l'Évêque

Pont l'Évêque is a gem from Normandy, France. Unlike many cheeses, it's a square block, not a round wheel. The milk comes from local cows that graze at least six months a year, ensuring exceptional quality. With its creamy texture and bloomy rind, it delivers a sharp, funky flavour with a hint of grassiness that intensifies with age. If you're into cheese, you’ve got to try Pont l'Évêque for its unique taste and rich heritage.


Brie is really a timeless classic! This creamy delight has been tantalizing taste buds since Charlemagne's era. From the quaint town of Meaux in France's Brie region to tables worldwide, Brie's popularity knows no bounds. To truly savour its flavour, you need to grasp its essence: smooth, buttery richness with a subtle nutty undertone! As it ages, it amps up the funkiness, adding depth to its character. Pair it with fruity jams or tangy cherry tomatoes for a culinary adventure that'll leave you craving more!


You walk into a Parisian cheese shop, and boom! There it is—that unmistakable whiff of pungent cheese heaven. Yep, we're talking about Roquefort—the king of stink! This cheese isn't just famous; it's legendary. By French law, only cheese aged in the limestone caves near Roquefort-sur-Soulzon can bear its name. And let us tell you, this cheese has history. We're talking about royal protection dating back to the 1400s! But what's the fuss all about Well, take a bite and find out: raw sheep's milk goodness with a crumbly, creamy texture and a funky, almost tangy kick!


If happy cows make better cheese, then it's no wonder reblochon is so darn delicious. These cows, living it up in the stunning Haute Savoie mountains where reblochon is crafted, get to graze in the fresh air at least 150 days a year. Lush pastures and mountain vistas—no wonder they produce such creamy goodness! And let's talk about that aroma. Cutting into a wheel of reblochon is like unwrapping a present for your senses: a soft, buttery interior with a warm, funky scent—it's cheese heaven! So, if you're up for a taste of this culinary marvel, guess what It's time to pack those bags and jet off to France!


The tale of Saint-Nectaire cheese begins in the picturesque mountains of Auvergne, Central France, where fertile soil enriched by the ash of dormant volcanoes nurtured lush meadows and pastures. Enjoyed locally for generations, Saint-Nectaire gained royal approval when it graced the palate of King Louis XIV in the 1600s. And boy, did he have good taste! This creamy delight boasts a nuanced flavour profile, offering hints of hazelnut with a subtle acidic kick. During its maturation, the cheese is bathed in brine, giving rise to its distinctive bitter, grey, bloomy rind. Aged for a minimum of four weeks, each wheel of Saint-Nectaire develops its own unique complexity and sumptuous texture. So cherished is this cheese that in 2018, thieves made off with around $12,000 worth of it from a cellar! Let's hope they savoured every stolen bite, pairing it perfectly to truly relish its deliciousness!

We bet you're already feeling a touch of French sophistication after indulging in all this cheesy goodness! These fine cheeses are so exquisite that they practically beckon you to pay a visit to their birthplace. So, what are you waiting for Start getting your travel plans in order and get ready for a deliciously decadent journey to the heart of French cheese country!