Published By: Satavisha

Positive Things Boomers and Millennials Should Learn From Gen Z

Generation Z is exhibiting incredible sustenance, and boomers and millennials have a lot to learn from them!

Over the years, the gulf between consecutive generations has dramatically widened, and Gen Z is one remarkable generation that is rapidly leaving its trace on pop culture. Despite the criticism they often face for coming up with outlandish social media trends and igniting TikTok challenges across various virtual platforms, Gen Z has succeeded at setting more liberal values and goals—and the boomers and millennials should learn some of their best traits. Let us explore some of the positive things we can learn from Gen Z.

Importance of attaining work-life balance

The ability of Gen Z to work and still enjoy a vibrant social life is truly commendable. Attaining work-life balance is something boomers and millennials could not achieve, and the latter is still struggling to establish a balance between leading a happy and fulfilling life with family and friends while excelling at work.

Shop for a cause

Gen Z is known for shopping from brands that are sustainable and align with their values. These beliefs can be anything from caring for the environment, and the local community to promoting inclusion and diversity.

Use of technology to promote social change

This tech-savvy generation has successfully spearheaded several social media trends and challenges to draw attention to critical environmental and social issues. These initiatives have helped spread awareness about many things adversely impacting society. This video-first generation has been playing an integral role in visually influencing the mass by sharing and reposting impactful video content.

Significance of inclusivity

Generation Z is very progressive—they are the most open-minded and inclusive generation. In a social setting that exhibits disagreements over conflicting social and political views—boomers and millennials can learn to be more forbearing towards people sharing different beliefs or ideas.

Spending money responsibly

Contradictory to popular beliefs, Gen Z is highly rational and pragmatic with money. They meticulously plan where and how they spend their money. Despite being the youngest working generation on the spectrum, Gen Z saves and spends mindfully and has a foolproof financial plan for their retirement.

Prioritizing mental health

Gen Z passionately advocates the need to prioritize mental health, unlike the older generations who paid little to no heed to it. Gen Zers have made speaking about deteriorating mental health and traumas much easier—and as a result, reaching out for support and guidance has become simpler too.

So it's time to allow Gen Z—your friendly neighborhood—to teach you something new.