Published By: Satavisha

Pick The Right Eyeshadow Palette Based On Your Eye Colour: A Comprehensive Guide To Choosing The Best Hues To Stylize Your Peepers

Swipe, dab, cover, crease and repeat! You may be thorough with your everyday makeup routine, but do you know if the eyeshadow you just purchased is the most flattering for your gorgeous peepers?

You may feel like an invincible diva after mastering the art of seamless foundation application and rigorous contour lessons, but your makeup look is incomplete until you learn what hues complement the colour of your eyes. If you are feeling directionless and confused—standing at a makeup counter—looking over at a myriad of coloured mascaras, eyeliners and eyeshadows, then this guide is for you.

We understood the assignment and studied the colour theory on your behalf. Below lies a comprehensive guide that can help you choose the most flattering eyeshadow hues as per your eye colour.

Brown Eyes

Despite being the most commonly found eye colour, brown is not a boring hue. This colour offers the best canvas for experimenting with a wide range of colours. Almost every colour compliments brown eyes. But if you are wondering where to begin, you can opt for cooler shades of blue and purple and also warm shades like pink, brown, and gold. Beauties with brown eyes can try everything.

Add a pinch of gold shimmer close to your tear duct for that oomph factor. If you want to attract more attention to your eyes, go all out with a cobalt blue and copper eyeshadow combo for that dramatic effect.

Blue Eyes

If you are a blue-eyed diva, your focus should be on choosing hues that create a striking contrast and add depth. You might gravitate toward colours like turquoise, cyan or royal blues— all the hues that highlight the pigments and tones in your eyes. But these are the colours you should avoid.

Instead, consider opting for warmer tones because the natural colour of your peepers grabs peoples’ attention even without makeup. If you choose fall colours like earthy oranges and coffee browns—it will set the stage for your eyes to dazzle. To accentuate your eye makeup, you can try a classic smokey eye—with a dash of grey.

Green Eyes

Green eyes are the rarest to come by—and chances are—you already receive many compliments for the same. But to make them stand out, you have to give up on your same old black liner and choose something softer. A soft brown or charcoal pencil or liquid liner will help emphasise the colour of your eyes and less on the shape of your peepers.

The extraordinary colour of your eyes can be highlighted by choosing various shades of purple shades—as they will make your peepers pop. If you want to step up your glam game for a night out—apply an eyeshadow with a smokey silver and red undertone combination.

Hazel Eyes

The most incredible aspect of hazel eyes is that the dominant hue of your eyes can be commanded by the colour of the eyeshadow you choose. Shades of dark purple and forest green can highlight the green pigments in hazel eyes. On the other hand, shades of grey and blue will accentuate the blue undertones.

If you use different shades of copper, light beige and gold—it will render a spectacular golden-brown effect, while deep brown and black will make your peepers appear dark brown. For eyeliner and mascara, you may opt for brown or black hues.

Grey Eyes

Grey eyes are mysterious yet alluring. So, if god has gifted you stunning grey eyes, you have endless choices when exploring the perfect hues for an eyeshadow. However, your best bets would be shades of copper, orange and neutral tones—making your eyes appear blue. You may also try maroon, wine, and plum—as these hues will make your eyes appear greenish. But if you opt for grayscale tones such as silver, black and grey —these colours will make your eyes appear pale grey.

If you are not considering the natural colour of your eyes while choosing the best hues for your eyeshadow, your peepers could appear closed, muddy, and even lack definition. Go for colours that accentuate your natural features and draw attention to your eyes.