Published By: Ahvana Paul

Move Over American Dream, French dream is the new in! Find out the concept of ideal life everyone is after!

Curious to know what the new conception of an ideal life and dream is? The earlier American dream, of working intensely, being ambitious, gearing oneself for fierce competition, striving and grinding to become a successful and rich established, stable person, has diminished to a certain extent, especially since the pandemic, when lockdowns became common all over the world. Instead, there is a new dream in the block- sometimes popularly referred to as the French dream, the pursuit of Joie de vivre! This is not to take the Emily in Paris perspective, which fundamentally deems French people to be lazy and unfriendly- but involves a balance between leisure and work, which is imperative to prevent burnout! Here are some things about it!

The French dream encompasses waking up with a croissant

While the American dream encompasses getting up early, and maintaining a proper schedule, to have a productive day, and probably rushing to the office, and grabbing a coffee on the way, the French dream entails waking up, getting ready at a leisurely pace, and waking up and making a bit of time to enjoy your coffee, along with your croissant, and reading the news for a bit. Though potentially scorned, this is a good way to wake up in the morning. You can use that time to plan your day, think of fresh ideas, and get done some crucial work so that is out of the way. Having a good leisurely morning also makes for a good productive day, and allows you to go through it in a relaxed manner!   

It also advocates a Longish Lunch break -

Another very important part of making sure that you live a healthy comfortable life is also the prevalence of a longish lunch break. Though work is important, lunch breaks, dedicated to eating and then drinking some coffee to gulp it down, taking a break, before getting back to work can help refresh you. This is a crucial part of the French dream! You should not only digest your food according to a timer but enjoy it! Moreover, on occasion, you can even go to nearby cafes, or as the French call them brasseries, to spend the afternoon here. It allows one to relax, and also defeats the notion of controlling employees, by checking the amount of time people go to eat, or even to the bathroom in some cases!  Not having the timer over your head and a very hectic work schedule over your head is better for your mental health, and peace, and sometimes ensures better results!

Taking time to relax without feeling guilty

The best thing about the French dream, which is particularly important as well, is the ability to take time off to relax, watch films, read books, and rejuvenate yourself without feeling guilty about it, and unproductive. This is an extremely important aspect, that is very important for one’s well-being and mental health! It is extremely important and therefore a dream worth pursuing!

Visit museums/ theatres to enhance your appreciation of culture

A very significant component of the French dream encompasses taking out leisure time to culturally educate you or engross yourself in some kind of cultural activity, by visiting museums, and theatres. This is very important and allows you an all-round development, that will nourish your brain and make you enjoy life more!

So are you convinced to pursue the French dream yet?