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Modern total-body exercises without any equipment

There is a common notion about fitness, that you need a lot of equipment for full-body exercise, which is completely false.

From muscle gain to weight loss, few full-body exercises do not need any equipment. Have some faith in the gravity of the mother planet, it can help in many ways to make you fit. You don't have to go to the gym everyday, regular full-body exercises can be performed in your home. Therefore, it is an economic and time-saving way of being healthy. Go through this article to know more.

Jumping jacks, the easiest full body workout:

This exercise starts with standing on your feet together by keeping your hands at your sides. Then jump to make your legs wider and clap your hands in an overhead position. Following this, jump again to bring back your hands to the original position. You must perform this exercise for at least 20 seconds at one go.

Inchworm to Shoulder Tap, high energy consuming full body workout:

This exercise also starts with a similar standing position as the previous one. Then, move to the forward bending position, so that you can place your hands on the yoga mat. For beginners, you may need to bend both knees slightly. Start walking on your hands in the forward direction to make it a complete plank position. Then comes the toughest thing, tap one of your hand on the opposite shoulder and repeat it with the other hand without disrupting the posture. After 20-30 seconds, return back to your original standing position.

Squat, the most popular full body workout without equipment:

Squat starts with standing on the feet about 2 feet apart. Now, start bending your knees. It will push back your hip region as your upper body lower down. You must keep your core engaged throughout. Now, return to your starting position by pushing your heels. Continue to remain in this position for at least 20 seconds.

Squat thrust, a variation of squat with more impact:

The starting position is the same as the squat. Now, start bending your knees until placing both the hands on yoga mat. Start kicking your feet straight out as you stay in plank position. Your shoulders must be stacked directly above the wrists. Return to your original position by jumping on your feet. This is highly effective when you perform for 45 seconds.

Pause Squat, beneficial for abs, hips, and lower back:

This is another variation of squat with a similar starting position. Start shifting to a squat position and hold this bottom posture for 3-4 seconds. Now, return to the original position and repeat it for 40 seconds.

Touchdown Jacks, excellent for your core:

This is a variation of the jumping jacks exercise. From a similar starting position, start bending your knees to push back your hips region while lowering down. Without letting both the shoulders round forward, tap on the floor with one hand. Then, jump back to your original position and perform the same with another hand.

Just motivate yourself and perform these workouts daily, you will be highly benefitted.