Published By: Ahvana Paul

Life Gave You Lemons? Tips to get back on your feet after a letdown

Have you recently been through a serious letdown in life, and are feeling down in the dumps? While these are difficult to deal with, remember, that they are also normal and are bound to happen in life. Don’t lose hope! Just remember, that it is going to be fine! Here are some tips to help you get back on your feet!

Don’t forget that this is just one small event in your life

This is very important. You will definitely feel low, and maybe it will come back to you at unexpected times, but you also have to remember, that in the long list of things that will happen to you in life, this is just one event in your life! It might stay with you for a very long time, but you have to keep telling yourself, that you will move ahead, that you will go forward, and get over it. Circumstances will change, and there will be good things in your life, which will happen again. Ups and downs are normal: you will get through it!

If it didn’t work out, that means it probably wasn’t the right fit

If the matter is regarding your professional front or academic front; as in, the job you wanted you didn’t get, or the college you wanted to get enrolled in rejected you, or even something on the personal front, such as a breakup- then while feeling bad and low is natural, also tell yourself that if it didn’t work out, it probably wasn’t the right fit. It might seem extremely difficult at the time, but in retrospect, you will get this feeling. Though it might sound idealistic, it is true, that one always gets what one needs. Make this your motto in life, and you’ll be surprised at how accurate this is! 

Busy yourself with creative endeavours

One of the things that you can do during this time, is to busy yourself with some creative endeavours, to prevent you from feeling down in the dumps. Whether it is painting, singing, playing an instrument, dancing, or reading, do it, as it will distract you and busy you! This will prevent you from overthinking, negative thinking, regretting and mulling over the bad incident. It is extremely healthy for you to use this as a way to deal with the “lemons”doled out to you!

Take a trip 

One more thing that you can definitely consider doing is probably booking tickets, taking some time off and going for a trip. A good unique experience, will help you clear your mind, give you experiences and make you happy. This will take your mind off things and also additionally give you a new experience, which can help you feel better about life again, and remind you that while it is hard a lot of times, it also has a lot to offer!

Embrace your feelings but remember that you have to move on

Two things that are crucial for you when you are going through a letdown, remember to embrace and address your feelings. Not doing so, will make you get into a bad mood and just interfere with your daily life. Doing so, also allows you to take the next step, which is remembering to move on in life, and pursue other things. Don’t be afraid. Though it might seem difficult, you definitely can!

Good Luck!