Published By: Satavisha

It's Time To Celebrate Singlehood: Six Reasons Why Being Single In Your 30s Can Be Exciting!

Your 30s is the best time to be single!

After reading the article’s title, your reaction may have been of sadness and pity—but it is far from being the reality—explore the countless benefits of being single in your 30s. It is the PERFECT time to be unattached and on your own—even psychologists have the same opinion.

By the time you step into your glorious 30s, a lot of your friends will be married, and some will be busy raising children. While it is true that family life comes with many merits, not everyone can commit to it in their 20s—some take longer or never.

Whether you are happily single in your 30s or are hopeful of eventually finding a perfect partner—it is exciting to be independent and on your own during these prime years of your life. Check out six reasons why being single in your 30s can be exciting!

You have plenty of time for yourself.

When you are in your 30s, you are likely more independent than you ever were, and you might even have your own space where you live on your own. Without a partner, you don't have to consider anyone’s needs, and you can have a lot of your valuable free time to yourself.

You can lay on the couch and watch movies all weekend if you like. Do you want to head out for a long drive after work? Sure, why not? No one is expecting you to get home from work and prepare a meal. You can do whatever you like, and anytime you want.

You have adequate time to make new friends who understand the fully formed version of you.

Let's be honest—in your 20s—the friends you make are circumstantial—you probably met them in college, partied together after graduation, kickstarter your respective careers and eventually parted ways. Once people start living their adult lives, it becomes easier to realize which friends are worth staying with, in their 30s.

As a result, you are typically left with plenty of room to add new people based on your values, preferences, and emotional needs as opposed to convenience. It can be done even if you are in a relationship or are dating, but if you are single, you can invest more time cultivating new friendships.

You have plenty of time to grow in your career.

When you step into your 30s, you acquire a clearer perception of your individuality than you had in your 20s. It often implies that you now have a vivid idea of what you wish to achieve in your career, and if you are single, you can invest your undivided attention and hard work toward achieving your goals. It is an incredible time to focus on growing in your professional life.

Your dating life is more enjoyable because you don't have the appetite for love-induced drama.

People in their 30s are mature grown-ups and are less tolerant of the love-induced drama that most 20-year-olds thrive on or enjoy. This attitude helps establish a healthy dating environment with fewer or no games and more enjoyment and relaxation. When you are in your 30s, dating is less stressful and is a smarter practice.

You can adopt a pet or more!

If you have always wanted a pet but your parents did not allow it, you can finally bring home a fur baby. You live on your terms as a 30-something-year-old—and you don’t have to worry about a partner complaining and fretting about their allergies. Caring for a furry companion is quite rewarding – you can enjoy their company and love — without needing to deal with their mood swings and arguments.

You have ample time to explore your inner self and needs

Many people who partner up during their 20s, don’t get the opportunity to explore themselves—and later, it comes with many adversities. If you do not truly love yourself, you can never love another person. The 30s are a wonderful time to practice self-love and explore one’s emotional and other needs. As your social circle, career, and experiences expand, your sense of self will also elevate, enabling you to build a more resilient relationship in the future.

We gave you six reasons to celebrate and enjoy your 30s to the fullest, but there are more. Have fun because this is the best time to be single!