Published By: Ahvana Paul

How to meet people when alone in a new city

Have you just shifted to a new city alone, and are searching for some kind of social activity to engage yourself? While feeling lonely is unfortunately natural, and part of the process of becoming independent, there are also definitely ways to help link yourself to a larger social circle in the city! Here are some tips for you if you’re looking for company!

Go to a café and sit every day

Are you left with a sufficient amount of time in a day without much to do, or are you one of those people who have a work-from-home option, and are often confined to work? One of the things that you can do during this time is to hop into your neighbourhood café. Make it a regular thing! You will be surprised at how sometimes, just being in the same place several times, with perhaps another regular café goer can initiate conversations! Sometimes, people are in the mood to socialize, and cafes can be a good place to do so!

Ask your friend groups for contacts they may have in the new city

leaving, one of the smartest things that you can do is ask around amongst your friends if someone they know or some relative or friend of theirs is in the city, and if you can get in touch. Be careful not to be obtrusive, but reach out! You never know how nicely these things can work out. Make a plan, grab a coffee and sometimes they can end up being your good friend in the new city!

Being outgoing and open is key!

Be open to making friends and interacting. For example, if you have started working in the new city, and have been invited to a work party, definitely GO! You will that way start meeting new people, interacting and introducing yourself! Don’t be shy about this. It is the best way! Also, remember to retain these newly made acquaintances. Make plans with them! 

Find a game club to attend where you can interact

 This is a common thing to try out! Many cities have clubs for different kinds of games,  such as darts, carrom, chess football, amongst others. If you are someone who is inclined to a certain team sport, do find out in the city that you have moved to where these clubs are. They could be fun to join, and give you something to look forward to during the week! 

Open your dating profile

 Though you may not be keen on necessarily dating someone, this is also a great way to make friends, and meet people. Therefore, start a dating profile, and go out with people. Whether or not love blooms, sometimes, these can become a good way of finding new friends and initiating social networks in the new city! 

Find interesting events to attend

 Research activities that might interest you, and make a point to attend them! They could be concerts or even restaurants with special food-tasting nights. Going for these is one way of actually meeting people who you have things in common with! You don’t know when one seemingly random interaction can turn into a friendship. So this is one option you can try as well!

Don’t miss out on embracing alone time also

Remember, that these things can take time! It is therefore also important to remember that alone time, is also not a bad thing. Learn to embrace it as well!