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How to make your yellow nails white naturally?

Yellow nail is a common problem caused due to vitamin deficiency, overuse of dyes, cosmetics, or microbial infections. Sometimes it indicates problems in lymph nodes or respiratory disease also.

The nails can indicate a lot about your overall health status. The treatment includes the use of natural stain removers. Any visible health issue is associated with depleting self-esteem and mental health condition. Thus you need an instant cure for this problem. Following are some home remedies for yellow nails.

Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide removes stains:

The combination of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide acts as an effective stain remover. Take one tablespoon of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide each and make a solution with 125-150 ml of hot water. Dip your fingers in this solution for 10-15 minutes. Then take out your finger and wash properly so that nothing of the solution remains on your hand or fingers as excessive exposure to hydrogen peroxide is harmful to your skin and nails.

White vinegar whitens nails:

Yellow nails can be whitened using white vinegar. Take hot water and distilled white vinegar (available in the market) to make a solution and dip your nails into it. Keep your hands for 8-10 minutes and wash them properly with lukewarm water. Use a moisturizer or any lotion after this.

Lemon juice acts as stain removal agent:

Lemon juice contains a little bit of acidic content that removes excess stains from the nails. You can rub the lemon juice on your nails or even keep the fingers in lemon juice. While you can rub the lemon for 1-2 minutes, but you can keep your hands in lemon water for 30 minutes.For better results, you can use lemon juice and soap water in combination or add some salt to it.Never forget to moisturize your nails after completing this procedure.

Nail scrubbing is effective against stains:

When there are excess stains on your nails, scrubbing can be an effective way. For this, acetone-soaked cotton is used mostly. That is the reason why acetone is an ingredient of nail polish remover.

Essential oil treats discoloration:

If the discoloration is caused by any microbial action, it is always better to use essential oils.Tea tree oil, coconut oil, oregano oil, or jajoba oil provide effective solutions. You can use only one or in combination on the affected nails.

Vitamin E supplements nourishnails:

Vitamin E supplements are effective against yellow nails. It promotes the growth of nails and nourishes skin health too. Eat fruits and vegetables enriched with vitamin E to get rid of yellow nails.

Apply teeth whitening toothpaste:

Some teeth whitening toothpaste with a sufficient amount of hydrogen peroxide can be effective against yellow nails. After applying it to your nails, keep them for at least 10-15 minutes and wash them properly. Always remember that Scrubbing is necessary after all these procedures.

If the condition of your nails doesn’t improve after following the abovementioned methods, you need to visit a doctor immediately.