Published By: Satavisha

How To Make Your Dog Feel Included And Loved After A New Baby: Tips To Introduce Your Fur Baby To The Newborn

A dog can be an incredible companion to you and your partner, and when trained well, it can be a calming and loving presence for your infant, too.

Congratulations! Your family is expanding. Bringing a newborn home can be both intimidating and exciting—especially if you have a canine baby. It is essential to remember that your four-legged companion is your first baby—and as delighted as you might be to introduce your newborn sibling to them—you must remember that they may take some time to accept the infant’s presence. To make that transition successful and easy for all the members of the family, we have compiled some tips that can help your dog adjust to the baby and develop a lifelong bond with them.

Don't rush the process, start slow.

Before your child is born, introduce your canine to the idea of an infant. To make your dog accustomed, play audio clips of a crying infant and allow them to get habituated to the sound. This simple hack will help them realise there is no need to be frightened when they actually hear the newborn cry.

Allow your dog to navigate its surroundings.

A newborn means new scents, new sights, and unfamiliar sounds. As you start decorating the nursery, allow your fur baby to explore some strange new items like the baby stroller and toys. High chairs, car seats, and diapers are foreign items to your dog, and they can induce anxiety in them.

Encourage your dog to sniff all the new stuff before the baby arrives. The most crucial aspect for your dog is to get accustomed to the newborn's scent. Introduce your canine to some baby powders and lotions that you are planning to apply on your baby at least one month before the baby is home. After the baby is born, get the blanket in which your child was wrapped and allow your dog to smell it beforehand.

Shower plenty of affection and attention

After returning from the hospital, let your furry buddy greet you. As new parents, you might initially struggle with time management and even fail to spend as much time as you used to with your dog. However, you and your partner should still prioritise carving out some time every day to show your dog that you still love them the same and nothing has changed since the baby’s arrival. You have to make your pooch feel secure within the family dynamic.

Build a separate safe space.

Create a safe spot for your dog, away from the newborn—where they feel secure and can rest. This safe space could be in the corner of your room, and don’t forget to provide cosy bedding. You must build this area before the new member arrives.

Take your dog and baby for a walk.

You should constantly look for positive moments or activities that your newborn can share with your pooch—it will help them establish a strong bond from the start. If your fur baby happily engages in an activity that it loves while your infant is present—it will start enjoying the baby’s company. This way, your dog will not view your child as a competition for attention and resources.

Use positive reinforcement

When introducing your newborn to your dog, consider rewarding the latter’s positive behaviour with verbal praise or treats. This positive gesture will help your fur baby understand that the new baby’s presence is worth celebrating and not a threat. Stock your pup’s favourite treats and keep them handy for quick rewards!

With a new baby comes lots of excitement, and your four-legged buddy is already vibing to the new energy. The key to making your dog feel included is to allow them to explore and adjust at their own pace, with lots of love, attention and positive reinforcement.