Published By: Darielle Britto

How to embrace the Mediterranean aesthetic in your home

Here are simple ways to infuse Mediterranean flair into your living space

Revitalize your living spaces and enhance natural light by considering the alluring charm of Mediterranean interior design. With a palette inspired by the soothing blues of the sea and warm terracotta tones, this style introduces a colourful, rustic, and coastal ambience that exudes tranquillity and is inviting. Take this aesthetic to the next level by making a few tweaks to this style in order to transform your space into an eclectic and unique haven in keeping with this aesthetic and your personal style. Here are a few tips to fully embrace the captivating essence of the Mediterranean in your home.

Lay the foundation

Before embarking on a stylish update for this aesthetic, laying the right foundation is crucial. The essence of Mediterranean interior design is rooted in clean, white minimalist backgrounds that serve as a canvas. Textures, colours, and materials that are in keeping with this design style are then incorporated. Distinctive features of this style include textured walls, such as interior stone walls, ornate ironwork—often in the form of wrought iron—and exposed beams. Mediterranean decor staples, including ceramics and textiles, contribute to the overall ambience. This style places a lot of emphasis on abundant natural light, creating an airy and inviting atmosphere. As for the colour scheme, draw inspiration from the sea, embracing a palette of blues, greens, yellows, reds, oranges, and earthy tones.

Look for striking furniture pieces

Embrace a blend of old and new with standout furniture pieces in a simple colour scheme. Choose unique furniture that fits this style seamlessly. Enhance the look by placing antique chairs against white walls or hanging mirrors with ornate brass frames. Add a touch of European summer with well-placed stripes on soft furnishings, bed linens, or napkins. Consider bold stripes, like wallpaper, for a dramatic effect in spaces like powder rooms or featured walls. Elevate practical spaces by adding classic artwork and detailed antique stools for a charming take on this captivating design trend.

Play with contrast

Transform your space with a delightful mix of vintage furniture and lively colours for a captivating atmosphere. Imagine vintage armchairs adding a sculptural touch to the living area, complementing a fresh white linen sofa. Experiment with unexpected pairings, like placing a vintage glass vase on a modern curved side table. The magic happens when old and new seamlessly come together, creating a harmonious and transformative vibe. Upgrade your spaces with minimalist artwork and elegant vases on furniture with an antique charm, such as a distinguished Spanish monastery table. Perfect your design by skilfully incorporating contrasts, adding a touch of glamour that enhances the overall appeal of your space.

Pay attention to the details

Enhance your space with careful attention to small details that can transform its feel. Bring in chic and stylish elements by adding a plush canopy bed and richly coloured glass on your bedside table. Add a touch of luxury with an antique mirror, making it a standout piece of art. Give your modern setting a touch of historic elegance with chic check-patterned tiles and the enduring appeal of weathered rattan and wicker accents.

Add Mediterranean-style greenery

Create a fresh and breezy atmosphere by introducing Mediterranean greenery, such as a bougainvillaea vine along a wall or potted olive and lemon trees on a porch. Choose lively citrus trees for vibrant greenery and vivid hues or go for a timeless touch with classic olive or cypress trees that are suitable to grow in your region. Enhance the ambience by blending rustic ceramic pieces with houseplants, candles, or small decorative items.