Published By: Sanjukta

How to deal with hair flyaways

Tame those pesky flyaways with these tips

Myriad of reasons for flyaways and frizz. One common cause for flyaways is humidity. Dry and damaged hair manifest flyaways, the kind of towel you use, the hairbrush used etc. A deep conditioning once a week can restore hydration and keep the flyaways at bay.

Flyaways are sometimes put under control with a lot of hairspray. Smoothening hair down with hairspray is not reliable since it’s not possible to carry a hairspray around with us. What’s to be done then?

Here’s are a few tips how to deal with hair flyaways.

Find a good conditioner

Flyaways are a result of dry hair. Go for a hydrating conditioner and limit the number of times you shampoo your hair. A conditioning mask once a week can help hydrate the hair better and tame those pesky flyaways.

Choose a towel suited for frizzy hair

A cotton body towel is too thick and textured to be used on hair. It might dry the hair but also makes the cuticle of hair strands rough and give rise to frizz and flyaways. Instead of using a body towel, switch to a thin microfibre that absorbs water but doesn’t rough up the hair.

Use styling products with caution

Styling products are packed with heat. If styling is something you do on a regular basis, make sure you never skip on heat protection spray. And while using a blow dryer for styling, always point it downwards so the flyaways lay flat. If possible, use less of styling products as the heat tend to dry out the hair.

Go for a trim

A good trim frequently will get rid of split ends that might be the cause of flyaways. A haircut gets rid of unhealthy strands and promotes healthier hair growth.

Go for wide-tooth comb

Switch to a wooden wide-tooth comb for your hair. A wide-tooth comb helps with detangling hair. Also never brush your hair when its soaking wet or completely dry. Use a wide-tooth comb on hair that’s slightly dry and prevent flyaways.

Wear a headband

If everything else fails and those pesky flyaways can be somewhat tamed by wearing a headband.

Manage static with dryer sheets

In case you have forgotten about internet’s favourite to remove static from hair, there’s a reason dryer sheets have gotten the reputation. Hair can pick up static from other materials but that can be managed by using dryer sheets that can neutralise static and smoothen the flyaways. There are numerous anti-frizz sheets to tame the flyaways.