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Home remedies for yellowish eyes.

The yellow eye condition is caused by excess accumulation of bilirubin in the blood. As the liver is associated with the maintenance of bilirubin level inside the body, yellow eye condition signifies abnormality in liver function mostly.

The abnormal coloration of any part of the body indicatesa harmful condition in your blood or improper digestive health. Excess consumption of certain medicines, dehydration, and an unhealthy diet are the precursor of the yellow eye condition. Go through this article to know simple remedies for yellowish eyes.

Hydration of the body:

When your body is perfectly hydrated, there is a sense of wellness in your body. When it is not the case, the problem starts to grow. Drink at least 4-5 liters of water daily to keep your body hydrated. When in an earlier stage, yellow eyes can be cured effectively with a regular intake of sufficient water. Proper functioning of water needsan enormous amount of water.

Fiber enriched food:

Yellow eye condition indicates the unwell stage of the liver, which is an essential organ for your digestive system. Include foods with high fiber content. Dietary fiber promotes proper liver functioning. Oatmeal is a good option for that. Fiber helps in the detoxification process, in turn, improves overall gut health.

Exercise cures yellow eyes:

There is no alternative to exercise in promoting a healthy lifestyle.Exercises for liver health is important for curing yellow eye condition. No need to buy costly equipments, you can rely on walking, swimming, running, and weight lifting to improve liver health. This will eventually improve the yellow eye condition. Some yoga steps for detoxification can also be effective.

Include vegetables in your diet:

The vegetables are the best friends for your digestive system and associated health condition. Include legumes in your diet if you have yellow eyes. Moreover, spinach, beans, lettuce, broccoli improve liver health. You will see visible changes as you start consuming those vegetables.

Avoid processed foods:

Processed or packaged food items are the worst enemies for your liver. These items contain high trans and saturated fat and sodium which leads to an imbalance in homeostasis and elevated toxins level in the body. Stay away from these food supplements, snacks if you are suffering from a yellow eye condition.

Avoid excess carbohydrates:

The excess carbohydrate is transformed into triglyceride inside the body to promote fatty liver condition which is a deadly disease. Nowadays, candy, pastries are prepared from refined carbohydrates, which deteriorates the liver condition further. Food items enriched with refined carbohydrates should be avoided when you have yellow eyes.


The antioxidant property of sunflower seeds, turmeric is effective against this condition. They provide a permanent cure foryellow eyes. Even nuts are important for liver health.While you need to cut down the protein intake, you can rely on soy protein as an alternative. However, it has been proved that, regular coffee consumption can improve your liver health.

If the condition doesnot improve even after trying all these methods, you should immediately consult an expert as this may be an indication of severe liver disease.