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Holiday hacks: Fun traditions from around the world!

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Holiday traditions are like the glue that binds us during those festive times, aren't they They give us a sense of belonging and create those warm, fuzzy feelings that we all look forward to each year. Whether it's baking cookies with family, decorating the tree, or watching classic holiday movies, these traditions become part of our identity and make the season extra special. Also, they're the perfect excuse to indulge in some nostalgia and create new memories to treasure for years to come. Let's take a trip around the globe and uncover some amazing holiday traditions together!

Diwali, India 

Diwali, often referred to as the Festival of Lights, is such a vibrant and beautiful celebration! The way homes light up with those colourful oil lamps and intricate rangoli designs is just esmerizing. And who can resist the excitement of fireworks lighting up the night sky? It's all about spreading joy, sharing delicious food, and making cherished memories with family and friends.

Japan, Ōmisoka 

The Japanese New Year's tradition of enjoying long noodles like Toshikoshi soba or Toshikoshi udon symbolises a smooth transition into the new year. Alongside the noodle feast, the tradition of thorough cleaning and personal grooming adds an element of freshness and renewal to the celebrations. It's a unique and enlightening way to welcome the new year with a sense of clarity and readiness for what lies ahead!

La Tomatina, Spain 

Imagine an entire town transformed into a battleground, but instead of swords and shields, it's tomatoes flying everywhere! That's La Tomatina, Spain's legendary festival where folks gather in Buñol armed with ripe tomatoes for the ultimate food fight. It's chaos, it's messy, but oh-so-fun! Started in the 1940s, it's now a global sensation, drawing thrill-seekers from every corner of the globe to join in the juicy mayhem.

Spider Web Tree, Ukraine 

In Ukraine, Christmas trees often don a unique decoration: spider webs. According to an ancient legend, a poor family once grew a Christmas tree from a pinecone. Excited by the prospect of their own tree, the children dreamed of decorating it for the holiday. However, being penniless, they couldn't adorn it. To their surprise, they awoke to find spiders had spun glistening webs around the tree, magically transforming them into silver and gold in the morning sun. Today, Ukrainians honour this legend by adorning their trees with spider webs to invite good luck in the new year.

South Korea, Kimchi

Tired of the same old holiday dishes? Consider adding a twist with kimchi! In South Korea, the start of winter is celebrated with Kimjang, where families come together to make and share copious amounts of kimchi. It's a communal event filled with tradition and flavor. You can also give it a try to experience the delicious world of fermented foods!

Krampusnacht, Austria

In Austria, December 5th marks Krampusnacht, a lively tradition where Krampus, the mythical creature, roams the streets. People don scary costumes and playfully parade through towns, giving kids a harmless scare while reminding them to be good. Despite the spooky costumes, there's a sense of fun and community as everyone embraces the spirited tradition.

Costa Rica, Holy Innocents 

If you're into Halloween or Christmas, here's a tradition that combines the best of both! In Costa Rica, they celebrate Día de Los Inocentes, or the Day of the Holy Innocents, on December 28th. It's like trick-or-treating, where people go around collecting candy or cookies. Plus, it's a Catholic holiday, so there's a feast and traditional songs to enjoy too. 

Whether it's a big family dinner or a quirky ritual, traditions are what make holiday seasons feel so darn special! They keep us connected to our roots and each other, adding that extra sprinkle of joy and magic to the festivities. So yeah, they're always a big deal, in their own awesome way!