Published By: Shriparna

Five helpful Vastu tips to make work from home motivating and conducive to career growth

Here are reasonable measures mentioned in Vastu that can fix Vastu Dosh present in your house

Workingfrom home for a prolonged period can be de-motivating. Obviously,you are missing on breaks with colleagues and sometime are made to work beyond office hours. Many times, despite having intentions, one cannot work to his full potential. Unnecessary tensions can lurk from your family members, there can be a general gloom in the environment that would feel de-motivating.

Measures mentioned in Vastu that can fix Vastu Dosh present in your house

Flowering pots and incense daily for happy feeling

Incense tricks your mind into thinking that you are happy and you release stress. Sometimes even scented candles soothe your nerves. Keep flowering pots near you or burn incense sticks. Even keeping aquarium is considered auspicious.

Adequate lightning and wall paint arrangements for positive vibes

A dimly lit root can dampen your mood, make you feel groggy or lethargic. Your working space should be adequately lit. Moreover, you need to choose the paint of the room smartly. Use neutral colours like cream or beige for your home workshop. The light shades keep you motivated to do good work and fill up with positive energy.

Positioning of your work desk set-up to bring luck and growth

Set-up your workstations at a place that doesnot have any distractions or obstruction.  Keep your desk in a room that do not faces a door or a balcony so that you do not have any distractions. A silent place for your home office will help you concentrate at your work and avoid negativity. Put up your desk at south-west direction of your house. According to Vaastu it is great for career growth and work-related decisions.

Remove old, useless things and organize your files according to priority

Keep your laptop or desktop towards the north. Remove useless things, or stationary you have not used for years, files of paper, unnecessary documents around you. This will let positive energy flow. Keep your belongings organized.  Take time and remove dust and all kinds of clutter. Avoid using dark solid colours while designing your space. Black and blue can bring negative energy and less profit at works, says Vaastu.

Choosing the right shape of your work table and good luck charm

Avoid using pointed tables like triangles. Opt for rectangular or squares as they are more spacious and you can keep everything from gadgets to diary on table.   Vaastu only says that keeping bird feeder brings good luck. Never place pictures of violent animals, sinking ship or setting sun on wall near your work station.