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Feathered fun: Why these birds make the best pets!

Hanging out with birds after a hectic day? Totally awesome way to chill out!

Thinking about expanding your family with a feathered friend? If your home's already packed with pets or allergies make traditional furry companions tricky, a bird might be the perfect fit. They're just as affectionate, and some even chat back! Also, they're ideal for kids and way less hassle than dogs or cats. With a bit of love, birds become lifelong buddies, bringing tonnes of joy to your home. Check out our top picks for the best types of companion birds to add some excitement to your space!


Budgies, also known as parakeets, are a hit worldwide for a reason. When raised with care, these little birds can be incredibly friendly and affectionate. They're also talented singers who love to chirp, whether they're flying solo or with a buddy. Also, they're small and easy to care for, making them perfect for beginners. With a bit of training, they can even learn cool tricks and maybe even chat with you!


If you're after a bird that's super affectionate and friendly, a cockatiel is your go-to. Originally from Australia, these cuties are now found all over the globe. They thrive when raised in a caring environment from a young age. Cockatiels are known for their smarts and make fantastic pets. While they may not talk, they're incredibly sharp and can pick up common sounds like a pro. Also, they're compact, making them ideal for apartment living.


Lovebirds may be small, but they pack a tonne of personality! Despite their tiny size, they're as affectionate as their larger parrot cousins. They're called lovebirds for a reason – they form super close bonds with their mates and their human pals. Surprisingly, they don't need a partner to thrive; a solo lovebird can be just as devoted. But having a pair can give them some company without putting all the socialising on you. They're a bit more work than your average pet bird, but not as demanding as larger parrots. Just watch out for their feisty side – they're not afraid to show who's boss!


Doves are like the chill roommates of the bird world. They're not high-maintenance at all, which is great if you've got a busy schedule or can't always be around. But don't mistake their easygoing nature for indifference – they're total sweethearts when you do spend time with them. Since they're social creatures, they'll appreciate hanging out with you whenever they can. Doves are perfect for older kids who can handle them gently and enjoy their soothing coos. Just make sure they've got plenty of space to spread their wings in their cage—they're all about flying from perch to perch!


Parrotlets may be small, but they've got big personalities! These little guys are full of spunk and character, often surprising their owners with their larger-than-life attitudes. But don't let their size fool you – they need lots of attention and interaction to thrive. Regular handling and playtime are a must to keep them happy and tame. If you're up for the challenge, though, you'll be rewarded with a strong bond and endless entertainment from these pint-sized comedians! 

Having a pet bird isn't just about having a cute companion – it's about bringing joy and positivity into your life! From keeping you entertained with their playful antics to providing a soothing soundtrack with their sweet chirps, birds are natural stress-relievers. Also, they make great companions, especially for those living alone. Taking care of a bird also keeps you on your toes, promoting an active and alert lifestyle. And let's not forget the social benefits – owning a pet bird can open doors to new friendships and connections with other bird enthusiasts. So, if you're looking to add some feathered fun to your life, a pet bird might just be the perfect fit for you!