Published By: Ahvana Paul

Exploring new dating trends- what does NATO mean?

Gen-Z is definitely instrumental in initiating new trends, making unique kind of formulations, that have set forth a radical departure! The dating world is not bereft of these trends. If you are curious about what is the latest trend, then it takes on the acronym, NATO. This is not the older meaning of NATO, the North Atlantic Organization Treaty, formed during the Cold War by the USA, but something completely different! NATO stands for Not Attached to An Outcome! It simply means, going with the flow, not worrying specifically about an outcome (something which can be hampering the good thing that you have going!) Here are some aspects of it!

A New Healthy way of looking at dating

Though there are sceptics who regard Gen-Z and their conceptions with suspicion, NATO can be construed as a very healthy way of looking at dating! It allows one to prioritize experiences, and find their way, what suits them- and also determining, perhaps what doesn’t! It doesn’t require one to think of long-term commitments and doesn’t cause one to rush without making sure that they are 100% sure about the other person. It is therefore an extremely healthy trend, and allows one to take the journey themselves and has a lot to do with self-exploration!

Reduces Anxieties about finding the one

This idea of treating dating as an experience is important, as it allows two kinds of choices- go another way, look for something better, or even become more and more committed to one. The pressure, which is generally typical of finding the “perfect one” and all these tensions therefore can be avoided, which sometimes affects the relationship, if people are not on the same page. This way, there is a certain freedom, rather than a rush to pertain to societal expectations.

Fears out of the way

 If you are someone, hesitant to date, or trust someone, and have fears and anxieties associated with dating, then NATO automatically implies a trial run and therefore is a trend for you to adopt! This way, you keep trying and if it doesn’t work out, you can leave, as the pressure of an outcome is not there! It also helps you realize things about yourself, what you seek in a partner, and what kind of a partner and relationship you want to have! NATO allows that freedom.

A welcome contrast to arranged relationships

This is a good alternative to arranged relationships or obligatory ones. Adopting the trend of NATO allows you to explore for yourself, rather than think that it has to go a certain way and this is very important for you as a person. It stands therefore parallel to the concept of an arranged relationship which can lead to massive problems sometimes. NATO therefore is a healthier trend and entails the individual’s decision. Even if there is an arrangement made for you with a particular person, try and check out if you are capable of dating the person.  

A way to find Love in unexpected ways!

NATO is about finding love in unexpected ways, exploring scenarios where this is possible and a redefinition of love and relationships, by a newer generation. It is new and fresh, and entails individual freedom! Therefore, it is unique and unexpected, but definitely worth trying!

So what do you think? Doesn’t it sound like an ideal situation?