Published By: Satavisha

Explore The Six Best Tea and Food Pairings: Find The Perfect Snack To Relish With Your Tea!

A pot of flavourful tea can complement and improve the taste of any dish. But the wide-ranging flavour profiles of tea call for some delectable pairings that will boost your culinary experience.

Have you spent hours wondering what snacks you should pair with your brew to create the perfect flavour combination? When expecting some company, you would not want to offer them any random edible item from your kitchen, right? Tea pairing is an art worth learning—it can help you choose the perfect snacks to go with the tea of your choice. It is essential to know what food goes well with your beloved beverage during snack time—and we are here to help you with that.

Black Tea Pairings

Black tea varieties have a strong flavour—meaning, most foods will not overpower its taste. As a result, black tea can be paired with a variety of rich foods like creamy or cheesy pasta and lasagne. The robust flavour of the tea will enhance the flavour of these rich dishes. Black tea is a popular choice during breakfast and can be savoured with some cucumber sandwiches. In addition, if you are sipping on it during noon time—pair it with delicious sweet dishes such as shortbread, jam-filled cookies, scones, and pastries.

Herbal Tea Pairings

Herbal teas are prepared with spices, a combination of herbs and dried flowers, and are very good for health. If you are looking for accompaniments with your aromatic herbal tea, you need to make a choice based on the flavour of your brew. Fruity and flowery herbal tea variants like jasmine, lavender and chamomile go well with desserts and foods that have a tart or citrusy flavour profile. On the other hand, pair earthy-flavoured herbal concoctions with mild dishes like stews and soups.

Purple Tea Pairings

The woody and sweet flavour of purple tea (a variety of tea that is harvested in Kenya) should ideally be enjoyed with light meals and desserts such as waffles. It can also be savoured with refreshing fruits such as watermelon, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. These subtle tea pairings will help preserve purple tea’s delicate flavours and not overpower it.

Oolong Tea Pairings

Oolong tea has a robust earthy, distinctive flavour—hence, it goes well with dishes that have a salty savoury taste. Apart from that, you can serve oolong tea to your guests with a platter of fresh, sliced fruits like strawberries, blueberries, and cherries and citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, and grapefruits. You may also enjoy some fresh apples, mangoes, plums, peaches, pineapple and pears.

Green Tea Pairings

Green tea is the healthiest variant of this beloved beverage, and it helps boost the taste of lighter foods. The nutty and earthy flavour of green tea brilliantly complements rice and mild curries, fruity salads, unsweetened pastries and sandwiches. If you are having a cup of fruity green tea, pair it with some chocolate desserts—the bitter flavour of cocoa will perfectly harmonise with the sweetness of your brew.

Iced Tea Pairings

If you ask us what snack goes well with iced tea, there is no wrong answer. From sandwiches to some greasy pasta, you have many options to pick from. Grab some bread, layer it with cheese slices of your choice, some veggies—lettuce, olives—and serve with a cup of iced tea. All you need is a loaf of bread and some culinary creativity.