Published By: Satavisha

Essential Tips For Parents To Plan A Fun Day At The Beach With Their Toddler

Spending a day at the beach with your toddler may come with unanticipated events (for instance, they begin snacking on sand). While you cannot foresee all the problems and prepare for everything, you can make your day less chaotic and more fun by planning ahead of time.

Every kid loves the beach—building sandcastles, digging holes, and collecting seashells. But before you slather some SPF and head for the beach with your toddler, you should explore some of these beach hacks that can help you survive the day with your little one by the shore. These essential tips will make your sea outings unchallenging for the entire family.

Plan and pack the night before

Begin preparing a list of all the essential supplies and gear you will need for the beach trip at least one day before you set out. Start packing on the night before the trip and the perishable items can be packed minutes before leaving. Check the list twice before leaving home to see if you have missed anything.

Set a reminder for sunscreen and fluids.

Set multiple reminders on your phone to reapply sunscreen to your toddler and yourself. Do not miss out on the sensitive exposed areas like the nape and tips of the ears. Set another reminder to offer water or some other healthy drink to your child for hydration.

Bring plenty of snacks

Even if it is a short beach day, you would not want to face the wrath of having a thirsty or famished child throwing tantrums at the beach because you forgot their favourite snack. Carry individually wrapped health bars or cracker packs and keep them handy. And don't forget to bring your toddler’s sippy cup—fill it with some flavourful healthy fruit juice to keep them hydrated.

Bonus tip: Put all your snacks in ziplock plastic bags to keep the sand off. Sand getting in/on the food can ruin your child’s meal.

Get your beach hats

Your number one priority should be keeping your child’s sensitive skin protected from the sun. Carry a beach hat for your toddler, with a broad rim that fully covers their head, ears and neck.

Avoid visiting the beach at midday

Beaches are usually the busiest at midday—and the hottest, too. In addition, many toddlers love taking an afternoon nap, which will not be possible on the shore. If you mess up your child’s sleep schedule, they will be cranky all day and would not like that. So, the ideal time would be early in the morning when the sun is not overhead or after naptime.

Beat the heat with a spray bottle

If you are spending a couple of sweltering hours at the beach, shade is not adequate to keep your child cool. Carry a small spray bottle with ice water in it and spritz the chilled water on your toddler when their cheeks look flushed.

Follow your toddler’s lead

Sure, you have a plan in place, and all the exciting activities and sightseeing you want to pursue will go as per your desire. But kids might not always love the plans you make. Don’t prioritise your itinerary so much that you fail to follow what your toddler wants to do to have more fun at the beach. If your little one wants to spend an extra hour at the beach in the evening, and if that calls for cancelling your dinner plans at the resort, that’s alright; follow your child’s lead.

You are now set to spend an exciting day with your toddler by the sea, playing in the sand, collecting sea shells and sipping on some cool drinks.