Published By: Puja Sinha

DIY Leaf Art Ideas for Inexpensive Home Decor

Home aesthetics: reimagining home décor with leaves turned into opulent works of art

DIY leaf art is a melange of colour palettes and contours to transform boring and mundane corners of your home into a space of love and comfort. With minimalist home decor, neutrals and pastels are rampant, and this is where pop and vivid leaves of the seasons come into play.

The floral wonders are easy to put up, care for, and take down when the time comes. It is also something fun to do at the weekend to declutter your mind. All you need is to build an inventory of leaves in pastels and bright hues to craft something surreal. Of course, as you build your repository for leaf art, be sure to keep glycerine and an organic emollient handy.

Colourful Candle Holder

Working on this aesthetic candle holder would bring out the fall lover in you. If you have any vintage ornamental vessel, vase, or any glass ampule gathering dust in a corner, adorning them with leaves would be a picture-perfect sight to behold. Once the leaves are glued to the surfaces, use the candle holders on table tops or bookshelves. 

Paper Leaf Garland for the Fairytale Vibes

Pining for a dash of colour to sparkle your day? Try the incredibly superb paper leaf garland wall hanging and see the vivid tablescape it creates in a jiffy. These garlands are an inexpensive and creative way out of drab, staring walls with no story to tell. For this project, you simply need to cut out papers in the shape of leaves and paint them. Once dried, wax the leaves to achieve a more realistic, rustic vibe. Wire the leaves to the garland. As you hang the string of leaves, place some crockery sets and palm trees around the area to compliment the beauty.

Wreathes from Nature’s Bounty

Not just leaves, but even the seeds, fruits, flowers, twigs, branches, and buds you gather on your morning strolls or nature trails will be indispensable to the coiling of this wreath which could be hung above the fireplace, mantel, kitchen, dining room, or entryway. Cut the branches and pound the end of each twig. Lather some glycerine and dry them under the sun for a couple of weeks. Now, gather the leaves into small heaps and bind them with wire. Continue till the wreath is complete.

Pillow Covers of Leaf Motif

Nothing like minimalist pillow covers emanating the cosy warmth of home. Leaf-stamped pillow covers look extremely quaint when you put them as decors. Once you have heaved some leaves of fine texture and shape, chalk paint the back before the leaves start losing moisture and turn brittle. Stamp the leaves on the covers, but be careful of paint splatter. Even amateurs could do splendid!

Leaf Plastered Walls

Another DIY for absolute amateurs. The idea is to add a touch of nature to boring surfaces instead of buying decors. The DIY frames or doors are turned into captivating pieces of artwork simply by stamping the back of leaves or yard trimming. As a home décor strategy, this works well if you cannot nurture live plants for a longer duration. Even if you have a party or photoshoot at home, painting DIY leaf-stamped frames is an interesting way to jazz up the background.

Leave Chandeliers for a Pretty Room

Falling leaves chandeliers are an absolute masterpiece when done right, with the optimum play of colours. Drying the leaves till they curl majestically before hanging them from strings accomplishes half the work. You can also dangle some curled twigs if you have trimmed the garden recently. Put this bouquet around lights to create the soothing effect.