Published By: Puja Sinha

Ditching the uber cool Girl Summer Look, Fashion Tips to Go Boho

Bohemian or boho embodies the free-spirited, sustainable, and unconventional. Its versatility is now more than a trend and now is when you can ease into its spirit!

The origins of boho aesthetic could be traced back to the cultural shifts following the French Revolution. Ever since, the liberty it allows an individual to express their personal style statement, eccentrics, and creativity without splurging on labels. The aesthetics of boho do not flinch from reflecting unabashedly a certain liberty and fluidity.

In fashion and clothing, boho might be oversaturated, but the epic comebacks suggest we have miles to explore in this genre of clothing. Today, retro-inspired frills, ruffled dresses, and flares makes for a pretty boho girl summer instead of the usual manic-pixie-dream-girl summer.

Choose From Earthy Tones

A natural colour palette is the ultimate boho thing: the tones of green, grey, and brown are prerequisites to colour shade before you start layering or adding to the textures. For more precision, pair colours that could be easily associated with one another—burnt orange with earthy browns, warm yellows, deep burgundies, or olive green. Quintessentially, the purpose is to appeal to a sense of peace and harmony.  A big vignette sunglass to overpower the minimal makeup completes the look.

Layer Right!

Much is lost in the wrong layering. With boho looks, the vibes should emanate ease and effortlessness. Experiment with textures and layering as you recreate this look without being stifled by mainstream fashion discourses. Mix and match lace, crochet, and chiffon. Besides the standard floral motifs, you can choose from tribal and paisley motifs—both are comparatively underexplored. When layering, pay attention to its utilities. While chunky jackets and skirts would do well in cold, a maxi dress and frilly shrug are perfect for a summer evening hangout. Adjust and switch apparels according to seasons and occasions to make your boho closet functional and sustainable.

Keep Boots, the Essential Accessory

The power of boots in keeping up with the eclectic spirit of boho style is not to be undermined. While the rest of the attire could be bathed in earthy tones, boots add a little to the sparkle and shine. Knee-high leather boots with tassel skirt and leather cape is a classic neat boho chic look that has pioneered the new trend dissing the oversized chaotic outfits of yesteryears. Combat boots, cowboy boots, and punk-rock boots are typically paired with boho outfits to bring about the homogeneity or the lack of it.

Scarves for the Depth and Dimension

Scarves and bandanas have been quite a range in depicting boho fashion. Scarves really could be folded and wrapped around in a myriad range of fashion, altering the entire look: turban style, choker style, loose wrap around the neck with the ends hanging loose, and draped as a shawl or poncho. A fairly large scarf would do the job. Running a long, thin scarf through the loops of your belt as you wear a dress or tunic is another styling idea. Scarves also make for great bag accessories. You can tie one with the handle of your sling bag. The boho chic fashion wave has seen ankle and wrist scarves for the polished boho touch-up.  

A Touch of Denim

Denim in shorts, dresses, skirts, high-waisted jeans and even in accessories such as jewellery, belts, bags, hats, and footwear wonderfully complement the free-spirit angle of boho fashion. A button-down denim dress under a printed blouse or a shift dress with a wide-brimmed hat fit splendidly into the boho canvas. Boho chic has an expansive colour palette to choose from, blue, light wash, and vintage wash. Patchy, distressing, and fringes in texture work splendid.