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Discovering Rarity: Exploring 5 rare diamond colors and their meaning!

Buckle up for a speedy trip into the fancy world of colored diamonds! 

Who doesn't love diamonds, right? These precious gems are some of the most sought-after on Earth. While diamonds are typically clear, did you know they can actually come in a range of colors? Ever wondered about the specific chemicals causing these colors and the meanings behind each shade? If you're keen on discovering more fascinating facts about colored diamonds, stick around!

Red Diamonds

Red diamonds are the rarest among colored diamonds, with only 20-30 of them known worldwide. Their beautiful red color comes from a unique process during their formation, which changes how light passes through the diamond compared to colorless ones. Because of this rare process, red diamonds are usually small, around half a carat to a carat. Despite their size, they're the most expensive per carat among colored diamonds due to their rarity and intense crimson color.

Red diamonds symbolize strength, passion, confidence, and power. Because they're extremely rare, snagging one takes a lot – whether it's the strength to find one or the financial power to afford it. They're not just hard to come by, they're also pricey!

Blue diamonds

When boron plays a role in the formation of a diamond, you end up with the breathtaking beauty of a blue diamond! These diamonds are incredibly eye-catching, and their popularity speaks for itself. While hydrogen impurities can result in a grayish-blue tint, it's the vivid blue color from boron that is most coveted. The more intense the blue, the higher the value of the diamond! Blue diamonds are among the most expensive due to their rarity and limited supply. Over the years, the high demand for these exquisite gems and the scarce availability have led to a significant increase in their prices.

The meanings associated with blue diamonds are quite diverse. They can symbolize anything from spirituality and devotion to peace and truth. Some interpretations even include concepts like eternity and chastity in the symbolism of a blue diamond.

Yellow diamonds 

Yellow diamonds rule as the most common colored diamonds, making up more than half of the colored diamond market. They're still rare, but their reasonable price and striking color make them the hottest choice among colored diamonds! Thanks to nitrogen, these diamonds rock a gorgeous yellow hue by soaking up blue light.

When it comes to gifting diamonds, yellow ones are a go-to classic. They symbolize hope and future happiness, bringing that positive vibe for a bright and prosperous tomorrow.

Green diamonds

Green diamonds achieve their distinctive color exclusively through exposure to radioactivity. While the green color may not always be evenly spread, specimens with a more uniform distribution are highly coveted. Only red diamonds surpass green diamonds in rarity!

The symbolism associated with green diamonds encompasses abundance, prosperity, youthfulness, and a deep connection to nature.

White diamonds 

White diamonds are made of pure carbon, and their atoms are neatly arranged in a crystal structure. Even though there might be tiny imperfections, you'd need a 10x magnifier to spot them.

Now, when it comes to what white diamonds represent, it's a whole spectrum – love, devotion, cleanliness, and even a touch of holiness. White diamonds are as versatile and diverse as it gets!

Colored diamonds are considered rarer and often come with a higher price tag than clear ones. Their beauty is undeniable, and not everyone can afford these exquisite gems. If you had the choice, what color of diamond would you go for?