Published By: Jayati

Dazzling diamonds: 6 sparkling secrets you should know now!

The secrets wrapped around these precious gems are just so intriguing!

Diamonds have been treasured for a long time, not just for their sparkle and high cost. Apart from being dazzling and expensive, these stones hold symbolic meaning and are seen as luxurious possessions. Yet, there are many lesser-known secrets about diamonds beyond their sparkle that are worth exploring!

Diamonds consist of just one element 

As we're familiar with, diamonds are made of carbon. That's all there is to it. The carbon transforms into its stunning crystal form due to intense pressure and heat. This transformation occurs deep beneath the Earth's surface, where carbon molecules come together to craft the beautiful stone we adore.

The biggest diamond ever is known as the Cullinan

In 1905, the world's largest diamond was discovered at the Premier Mine in Pretoria, South Africa, during a routine inspection by a superintendent. This massive diamond weighed approximately 1.33 pounds and had an impressive 3,106-carat size! It was sold to the Transvaal Provincial Government, which then gifted it to Britain's King Edward VII. Today, you can see parts of this extraordinary diamond on display in the Tower of London among the crown jewels!

Diamonds rank among the toughest materials on Earth

Diamonds were once considered the hardest material, but now there are other materials as well. Despite this, diamonds remain one of the most scratch-resistant substances known. This quality makes them ideal for engagement rings meant to be worn constantly. Due to their durability, diamonds continue to be an excellent choice for jewellery.

The first diamond engagement ring 

Today, diamond engagement rings are a big deal and a dream for many people, especially when we see celebrities proudly flaunting their large diamond rings. But did you know about the first-ever diamond engagement ring? Well, in 1477, Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave Mary of Burgundy the world's first diamond engagement ring.

Are diamonds really living celestial spirits embodied in stones? 

Diamonds are featured in various Greek myths, and even the philosopher Plato mentioned them in his writings. Plato suggested that diamonds were celestial spirits living within stones, enhancing their mystique and power. The Greeks believed diamonds were akin to tears of the gods or fragments from fallen stars. Considering the stars were believed to be children of the gods Eos and Astraios, the Greeks thought of diamonds as pieces of the mythological universe.

Diamonds are available in various shapes, sizes, and colours 

Diamonds aren't always the clear, small to medium-sized, round stones we often think of. In fact, diamonds come in many styles, sizes, and colors. Natural diamonds can show yellows, reds, light blues, darker blues, greens, and oranges! Since these colours occur naturally, it's kind of luck how strong the colours are and what specific hues you get, no matter how much you spend! 

Precious stones like diamonds hold more secrets than one might think. It seems to be a common trait with beautiful things—the more they shine, the more you discover when you dig deeper. Diamonds don't pretend to be an exception to that rule!