Published By: Darielle Britto

Botanical Blessings: Elevate Your Home's Aura with Lucky Greenery

Add these plants to your home for a bit of extra luck.

Some plants are believed to naturally attract positive energy, each associated with bringing unique forms of luck into your living space. It's important to note that for these plants to thrive and fulfil their luck-bringing potential, they need proper care, including sufficient water and sunlight. Neglecting their requirements may lead to a wilted plant that won't contribute to good luck or clean air in your environment. To enhance your good fortune, consider introducing specific plants associated with positive vibes and luck into your home. Explore the following plant options to invite positive energy and luck into your life.

Rubber tree

The rubber tree, an impressive indoor plant adorned with lush, dark green leaves, is thought to bring in abundance, happiness, and wealth. To maximize its impact, it's recommended to place the rubber tree in a corner, where its rounded leaves can soften sharp angles, making it an ideal choice. For additional feng shui benefits, the southeast corner is suggested, linked with wealth. With careful attention, the rubber tree can grow to impressive heights, adding a touch of majesty and grace to the surroundings. Keeping it healthy involves watering every one to two weeks and ensuring it receives around seven hours of indirect sunlight.


Embraced for its unwavering strength and resilience in all seasons, bamboo symbolizes courage in overcoming challenges. The lucky bamboo, with its perpetual greenery, captures the essence of resilience. Acknowledged for imparting strength and support, it is regarded as an auspicious plant believed to draw in wealth and fortune. To maximize its positive influence, prominently display the bamboo plant on a visible surface, like your coffee table or home office.

Chinese money plant

The Chinese money plant stands as a symbol of financial prosperity among plants associated with good luck. Its unique round, coin-shaped leaves and abundant offshoots are thought to draw in diverse paths of financial success. To nurture the well-being of the Chinese money plant, it flourishes optimally in indirect sunlight. Care entails allowing the soil to dry out before providing thorough watering, typically once a week. While outdoor growth may lead to blooming, expectations for flowering should be moderated when the plant is kept indoors.


Orchids hold a special place among those who value a touch of luxury and are admired for their elegance and charm. They also well-known for the arrangements of their petals. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, orchids represent fresh starts and blessings. With their long stems and lasting blooms, they are thought to promote stability and love in relationships. To care for these plants associated with good luck, it's crucial to place them away from direct sunlight and water them when the soil dries. During intervals between blooms, when the plant may seem less visually striking, it reflects the patience needed to sustain a healthy relationship.


Basil, known as a symbol of general prosperity and health, is a standout among the most commonly grown herbs. In holistic herbal medicine, the leaves of basil are acknowledged for their potential to alleviate conditions such as colds, and inflammation, and promote better blood circulation. Thanks to these healing attributes, the basil plant is linked to the notion of warding off negative energies, earning its reputation as a bringer of good fortune. To flourish, this fortunate herb needs sufficient sunlight and regular watering.