Published By: Jayati

Beyond Engagement Rings: 3 unique ways to incorporate diamonds into your life!

Ever thought about scrubbing with diamond dust? 

Diamonds are widely recognised for their brilliance and value as precious gemstones. We often see them in engagement rings, but guess what? Diamonds are not just for jewellery; they're known for their strong and unique properties, making them useful in various industries like beauty, medicine, and audio gears. Basically, they can rock any zone as much as they dazzle in jewelry. Let's explore how diamonds can be a part of your life beyond bling!

Diamonds in skincare? Absolutely! 

Guess what's making waves in celebrity news? Diamond beauty products! Back in 2011, Mila Kunis made headlines for a $7,000 ruby and diamond facial before an awards show. More recently, Jennifer Lopez caught attention for using a diamond dust exfoliator to tackle cellulite. It's not just for celebrities, though; many beauty companies now offer products with diamond dust, even if they come with a hefty price tag!

Diamonds are being promoted for their beauty benefits, serving as both an exfoliator and a "blurring" ingredient to minimise wrinkles. The use of diamonds as an exfoliator is gaining popularity because they are gentle enough for facial use in powder form. If you're dreaming of that diamond glow on your face, maybe it's time to consider trying out some diamond beauty products!

Diamonds in Audio Gear

Some serious audio enthusiasts believe in the magic of industrial-grade diamonds for enhancing sound quality. Diamond speaker domes, known for producing top-notch sound, benefit from the hardness of diamonds. This hardness allows them to vibrate at high speeds without warping, ensuring the preservation of audio quality. Moreover, diamond record needles are a standard choice for high-quality record players and DJ equipment. 

Sapphires also find use in record needles, boasting a 9 on the Mohs Hardness Scale and providing 75–100 hours of excellent sound quality. Diamonds, scoring a perfect 10 on the scale, are expected to deliver up to ten times that longevity. It turns out that even a single point on the Mohs Hardness Scale can make a significant difference!

Diamonds have useful medical properties too!

Diamonds might not just be a woman's best friend; they could have health benefits too. Nanodiamonds, which are incredibly tiny diamond particles—about a thousand times smaller than a single human hair—are gaining attention in legitimate medical research.

A recent study from Cardiff University revealed that nanodiamonds can be a valuable indicator of the effectiveness of cancer drugs. Researchers chose nanodiamonds because they reflect light and are compatible with human cells. By leveraging the diamonds' reflective properties, they could monitor cellular processes after patients received cancer medication.

Diamonds, with their distinctive interaction with light, have captured the attention of medical researchers globally who are exploring ways to aid the visually impaired. Ongoing tests are examining whether diamonds could potentially serve as materials for bionic eyes and eye implants for the blind. If successful, diamonds might truly revolutionise the medical sector! 

Popping the ‘big’ question with a timeless diamond engagement ring is truly magical. And let's be honest, rocking a pair of diamond earrings or a dazzling diamond necklace is every lady's dream. However, the versatility and creative possibilities of using diamonds extend beyond just jewellery, and that's fantastic! The fact that these exquisite gems bring more than just glamour adds a unique touch when we incorporate them into our daily lives.