Published By: Satavisha

Are You In A Relationship With A False Twin Flame? Seven Signs That Suggest Your Partner Is A False Flame Connection

When you find your twin flame, you will experience a passionate and spiritual connection with them. However, if something invokes doubt in your mind about your mirror soul—chances are—your partner is not your twin flame.

When you are seeing someone or are searching for a potential partner with whom you can have a long-term romantic relationship, you will likely meet many different types of people along the way. When you start liking someone, your partner could very well be your mirror soul or simply a false soulmate. Check out some signs that indicate you are probably dealing with a false twin flame.

Issues from the past begin to resurface

You might notice that the issues in your current relationship have been arising from your past mistakes, fears, concerns, or anxieties. However, instead of resolving those problems to make your relationship more fulfilling, you and your partner are ignoring them. If you are still dealing with issues that bothered you even in the past, you are likely dealing with a false twin flame.

With a genuine twin flame connection, you will likely be more concerned about establishing a secure future – together as well as individually.

Their love is conditioned.

A false twin flame will love you but with conditions. In such relationships, you might not be loved by your partner the same way especially after you make a mistake or do something against their will. You may even feel that certain actions or habits of yours might push them away.

The relationship is not free of constant trust issues and jealousy

In a romantic relationship, a little jealousy may be deemed healthy if you and your partner can handle it well. However, if you are in a relationship with a false twin flame, it will be characterised by constant trust issues and jealousy. In a relationship with a false twin flame, trust issues often become a recurring threat.

They leave abruptly             

You may find this person suddenly and unexpectedly, but they will likely leave your life abruptly just as they had entered it. It suggests that they never intended to stay in your life for long. It will break your heart, but when you get over your false mirror soul and move on, you will feel wiser and realise why it didn’t work out.

You are not sure if they love you.

You are probably unsure how your partner feels about you and where the relationship is headingit can be distressing and even make you anxious. When your partner does not show how much you mean to them or make you feel special, would you want to spend the rest of your life with them?

Conversations lack depth

Eventually, you may realise that every conversation with your partner lacks depth. Despite several attempts, you can’t get your partner to talk about their dreams and hopes, which may indicate that they are not the one for you.

Your partner makes you feel insecure and anxious.

With your twin flame, you might feel uneasy, as if you are tense around them. It may happen because your partner is not your better half. A relationship with your true soul connection will never feel uncomfortable and will not make you anxious.

Your true twin flame will feel like homemake you feel secure, content, desired, and whole. All your worries will disappear when you are with your twin flame because you share a calming sense of understanding and a profound soul connection with them.

When you are stuck with a false twin flame, they will likely leave your lifeand chances areyou will not hear from them ever again. However, your true twin flame will stick around since you share a meaningful and lasting relationship with them.