Published By: Ahvana Paul

Are you a Gen-z or a millennial based on your fashion trends? Find Out!

Gen-Z and millennial, the two upcoming generations have a lot of contrasting tastes and attitudes, and one of them manifests in the realm of fashion. Are you personally unsure, of which generation’s fashion trends you are more inclined to? Well, here is a list of the fashion trends, belonging to Gen-z’s vs millennial.  You can identify it by referring to this list!

It’s in the way you wrap your scarf!

Though this has been disputed, as a definite marker, since, most of the time, your clothing could be to do with purely what method of wrapping your scarf will look good on what you wear- it is still a sign sometimes. People from the Gen-Z tend to wrap it around their neck, with two sides of the muffler coming down on either side. However, millennials wear their scarf by folding the fabric in half and then pulling the ends through the loop created by the fold. Crazy isn’t it how something so simple could be so definitive of your identity?

It’s in your socks!

Socks are another very important aspect, and observing how people are wearing them can be another way to identify whether one is a Gen-Z or millennial!  According to studies on the internet, Gen-z prefers to wear long knee-length socks, while Millennials prefer ankle-length socks. The latter is a result of almost an aversion to any sock above the ankles, as millennials were deemed unfashionable and uncool if seen with them. However, nowadays, it has seemed to become a favoured trend amongst Gen-z’s! Strange isn’t it, how time can change a perception so drastically?

It’s in your jeans!

One of the biggest trendsetters in recent times, which could be considered a radical departure from the previous fashion trend, is the change in the preference for jeans. Millennials prefer low-rise, skin-tight, slim-fit jeans, usually with their tops. This trend was based on what looks smart. Gen-z on the other hand who are very much into going with the vibe, nowadays have also transferred that logic into their fashion- They wear what feels good! One of the outcomes of this decision has been baggy high-rise jeans, along with their crop tops and sometimes even sweatshirts! This is therefore considered a huge change.

It’s in your shoes!

Choice of shoes as an indicator of generational difference is according to the opinion of a few! The general trend remains that both millennials and Gen-Z’s prefer and have taken up walking shoes as a common choice for footwear, deeming it fashionable!  However, there is an opinion, that Gen-z’s are more appreciative of chunky, but excessively comfortable footwear. Meanwhile, millennials are more inclined towards flat options.  

It’s in your cardigans!

Gen-Z has taken extensively to cropped cardigans, especially ones with buttons. Sometimes, there is a tendency to close all buttons, while at other times, there is a tendency to close only the button at the top while leaving the rest open. They are adorable and work with most outfits, especially if it is a skirt or a dress. Millennials, on the other hand, prefer long cardigans, with buttons open and wear them with graphic t-shirts, plain spaghetti strap t-shirts inside, and skinny jeans. While Gen-Z uses them almost as an accessory, millennials use cardigans often to transform their entire outfit and make it look new. Either way, cardigans are valuable additions and long or short, they look cute!

So which generation are you from based on your fashion choices?