Published By: Puja Sinha

Amp Up Your Style Quotient: Cute Ways of Styling a Shirt

The versatility of button-down shirts and the unique style quotient 

The elegance of shirts—be it a crease-free and ultra-crisp oxford or a silky blouse shirt, is understated. Button-down shirts are versatile and beyond the confines of occasion and seasons. Whether you are wearing it all toned down for a formal occasion or pairing it with shorts for a summer day out, the traditional button-down will never let you down. 

Being a wardrobe essential, shirt-lovers are always experimenting with the wide variety of ways the shirts could be worn; be it tucked in or tied up. And we cannot help but go gaga over the styling options available at disposal, which could be honed with minimal effort. The go-to button-down for a quick and quirky style statement includes:

The classic white shirt

A uniform blue shirt

The denim oversized shirt

The basic black button-up tidy shirt

The pop-coloured shirt

The striped shirt

Tied Cropped Shirt Style

The peppy, and certainly timeless, way of wearing the button-down is by simply tying a knot and making a cropped shirt out of it. Leave the shirt unbuttoned towards the end to tie it neatly. The position of the knot could be high or even low on the waist depending on the occasion. Pair with a high-waist jeans or a dress to perfect the look. 

Oversized and Accessorised 

The chic and graceful oversized shirt is a language in itself. Double-strand pearls or a statement necklace works wonders to give picture-perfect beauty to the combination. Leave the shirt untucked and pair it with skinny jeans. Another option is to half tuck in with a baggy trouser for an extra cool and effortless look. A purse and sunglasses are the two ultimate options to add to the vibe. 

Coupled with a Tank Top

Button-down shirts and tank tops make an old love story. The attire could be made a bit serious and formal by layering a denim vest on a t-shirt. A collared shirt and a faux fur vest are the more expensive choices. 

Layered-Under and Easy-Breezy Cosy

The anachronistic shirt-with-pants gets a new makeover with a dress. If not a dress, different types of skirts are another jazzy way to harp on the aesthetics of a shirt. You can carry the button-down bodysuit or a leather skirt and call it a fun workday. Solid skirts with printed shirts or vice-versa work amazing. Maybe pair the button-down shirt with your favourite sleeveless and revisit the early girlhood days, once again!

The Classy Pantsuit and Button-Down

For an important day at work, the pantsuit-button-down combo is a classic favourite. Bottoms are indispensable to create the fuss-free formal and professional look for that perfect presentation or interview day. The trick lies in pairing bold colours for the shizz. 

Put on the Shorts and Rev It

Nothing so carefree and nonchalant during the summer than a button-down tucked-in shorts. Fantastic for summers, high-waisted shorts are your saviour if you are fidgeting last minute for the daytime, casual look without splurging. Wear sneakers and trust a handbag to add some finesse. 

The Boho Shirt Mania

A simple yet chic boho style is recreated by donning a flowing or loose button-down and flared or wide-legged jeans. Now, use a boho necklace and a floppy hat to crown your inner bohemian soul. 

The bare minimum accessories are definitely belts around your waist to shape the shirt and add a dash of colour, necklaces and earrings for the glam look, mules and pumps for parties, heels for date nights, and a pair of sunglasses for the polished, sophisticated look.