Published By: Puja Sinha

A Guide to Island Hopping in Maldives

Maldives is a dream, and island hopping is nothing short of a fairytale

Maldives’ is a repository of islands and sandbanks that are heaven on earth, and there is possibly no better way to plunge into the hidden gems than going onto an impromptu island hopping spree on this vacation. 

 Choose a Cluster of Beautiful Islands

Maldives is a haven of serene islands throbbing with exquisite and adventurous activities genuinely immersive and effortless to plunge in. before you embark on the journey, try sorting through the plethora of islands to decide on a few that you would like to explore. Each island is popular for particulars like beachside partying, fishing, scuba diving, snorkelling, banana boat ride, kayaking and underwater walking. Arrange the tour in a way that allows you to experience the water sports in different islands—where the resources for these particular activities are finest. Maafushi—a favourite for dolphin snorkelling, Veligandu, Alimatha and Biyadhoo are pretty exceptional since they provide the host of modern amenities and luxury coupled with untainted nature that would make your vacation experience of a lifetime. 

Calculate the Distance Beforehand 

Although the distance should never dampen your spirit to hop across the beautiful islands dotted across the turquoise, blue vistas, estimate ahead the usual commute to chalk out the expenses as well. If you conduct extensive research on the lodges and resorts, you will come across cheaper accommodations albeit in far off places. In proximity, the resorts might be a tad bit expensive. This is certainly one of the yardsticks to select the islands you will be visiting since boat tours and cruises are convenient and fun options to hop around. 

Be an Epicurean and Let Cuisine Guide You

Quite a few resorts are notoriously famous for serving gastronomical delights and the list of islands you want to experience can be influenced by these resorts. Imagine a sumptuous meal of Maldivian delights after an exhausting day of springing around! Would not that be too nourishing and therapeutic? Food and drinks are important parameters that would help in the navigation of islands. Islands that take on you mesmerizing culinary journeys while you enjoy a panoramic view are certainly worth a night’s stay especially if you are visiting the archipelago for the first time. Flavours spanning across continents-- including the Maldivian chic and hip dishes, are found all scattered in these islands, and it is up to the tourists to find their way to these epicentres of gastronomical pleasures.