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6 thought-provoking TED talks that will inspire and motivate you!

Sometimes, you hear just the right thing, and bam! Life takes a turn for the better!

Some speeches can really change your life, and that's what TED Talks do. They're full of smart ideas that aim to inspire and make you think. We all have tough days, and in those moments, a powerful speech can remind us to believe in ourselves. Check out these TED Talks that we believe can help guide and motivate you during tough times. Keep reading for some uplifting insights!

Elizabeth Gilbert 

Elizabeth Gilbert, renowned for her bestselling memoir 'Eat, Pray, Love,' reflects on the common link between creativity and mental health challenges. Many artists fear their work won't measure up, a concern shared by numerous writers throughout the 20th century who faced depression or even took their own lives. Despite the huge success of 'Eat, Pray, Love,' Gilbert grappled with the daunting idea that her best work was already done. To cope with anxiety about reception, she explored constructing barriers between herself and these pressures. Feel free to check it out – it's pretty interesting and might be helpful for you!

Tom Rives 

Performance artist and storyteller Tom Rives has a peculiar fascination with 4 AM! He takes us on a journey through various media and pop culture references to 4 AM, compiled with the help of strangers worldwide. While you might find yourself intrigued yet a bit puzzled during the talk, be patient—the conclusion is fantastic and guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Shawn Achor 

In this motivational talk, Achor highlights the common tendency to dwell on the negative aspects of our careers or situations, a habit many of us share. He cautions that this approach can lead to job dissatisfaction or hinder progress in various aspects of life since our attitude significantly influences outcomes. Achor references a study indicating that 75 percent of professional successes could be linked to positivity. Those who emphasised the positive aspects of their situations were more likely to attain their professional goals. Positivity, being contagious, not only inspires oneself but also those around you, so shifting towards a brighter outlook can have a positive ripple effect.

Laxmi Agarwal 

Acid attack survivor and activist Laxmi Agarwal shares her story in her TED Talk, recounting the harrowing incident in 2005 and its profound impact on her life. Following the attack, she took a stand by filing a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in 2006, advocating for stricter punishments for acid attack perpetrators and regulations on acid sales in the country. In 2013, constitutional amendments were made under the Laxmi Act, reflecting progress in addressing acid violence. Laxmi has since remained committed to her fight against acid violence in India.

Tom Wujec 

In his talk, Tom Wujec goes beyond the simple act of making toast. He begins by asking viewers to draw the process of toasting bread. It might seem basic, but hold on! Wujec uses this example to illustrate a powerful method for breaking down complex problems visually. This fresh approach will inspire you to tackle difficult issues differently, ultimately improving your decision-making and problem-solving abilities.

Ron Finley 

In a world where it's reassuring to know genuine "good guys" exist, Ron Finley stands out. Along with his team, he transforms abandoned lots, traffic medians, and curbside spaces into urban gardens. His inspiring story not only uplifts but might just spark your own drive to bring about grassroots change. Get ready to be inspired and consider planting seeds of positive transformation yourself.

Changing your life usually means digging deep into yourself and putting in a lot of hard work. But, sometimes, your perspective can shift in an instant with a change in thinking sparked by a profound insight. Think about any big decision that led to your success; there's often a crucial conversation or a moment of realisation tied to it—something we've all experienced. Every now and then, all it takes is the right message hitting a ready mind to completely turn your life around. We hope these TED Talks can strike the right chord when you need it the most!